Two weeks ago, I installed a camera system in the house at a cost of $400. I placed five cameras around the house: One on the front door, and one on each of the four sides of the house. It records what happens outside when it detects motion. Five days after I installed the cameras, those cameras recorded the lawn maintenance guy just sticking the “pesticide” sign in the yard, and then sticking the bill in the door. That was all he did- he did not do a thing to the yard, aside from the sign. He is supposed to treat the lawn for bugs and weeds, and then fertilize.

So last Saturday I sent the company a certified letter, explaining that I had them on film billing me for a service that they did not perform. I demanded that they cancel our service, and demanded a refund for the year I had paid in advance. In the envelope, I included a copy of my contract, a copy of the bill left in my door, and a printout of a screenshot from the camera at my front door. That screenshot had a facial view of the service tech, with his vehicle and the “pesticide” sign that he had placed in the yard in the background. The letter said that they had 30 days to refund my money, or I was filing a complaint with the state to have his professional license revoked, and I was going to hire an attorney to sue him.

I got a $375 check today by certified mail. The system has paid for itself already.

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