They cause death, injury, and climate change. All of this has a disparate impact on the poor, who we all know is made up of mostly minorities. That is the story that is beginning to emerge from the left.


Big Ruckus D · October 27, 2021 at 9:35 pm

All these poliicies that will serve to diminish the standard of living for those of us who worked hard enough to actually achieve some level of material comfort and own some nice things will have a disparate impact on those who are “victims” of white privelige and racism, both of which are proper bullshit.

Which is to say that if our houses, cars and financial holdings (among other things) are stolen away from us, we will finally decide it is far more desirable to eliminate the underlying cause of our diminished standard of living than to be impoverished because some bunch of fuckups are jealous. That would be all these victim groups and all those who enable them by advocating for fucking us out of what we managed to earn for ourselves.

In other words, democide will become not only a very attractive option, it will be the only option left to protect against our complete dispossession, which is already well underway.

Do I feel bad about that? Not at all. Human existence is, most fundamentally, a struggle and competition for resources. So this is actually very simple: the shit disturbers can all STFU and leave us (and our stuff) alone, thereby diffusing the situation enough to be allowed to continue wth their pitiful existence and stop envying mine. Or they can keep on agitating for these ruinious policies, in which case they will guaratee a snap-back that will end very badly for them. Nobody likes an incessant bitch, and eventually the bitching has to be tamped down with extreme prejudice.

Naturally, I’m putting money on the latter outcome. Because that’s what always happens anyway, and the shit disturbers are never cogent enough to understand there is a breaking point past which they will be afforded no quarter for what they’ve wrought. Forget face masks, get gas masks and powdered lime, because the stench of discarded carcasses will be downright awful before this is all over. It was ever thus.

Toastrider · October 28, 2021 at 7:36 am

Even those of us who might not like the idea of democide will refuse to interfere with the inevitable pushback.

To borrow the quote from Moore’s Watchmen: the left will cry out ‘save us’ and I will whisper, ‘No.’

Jonathan · October 29, 2021 at 9:57 am

Yet again, activists can’t fathom people or places they aren’t already familiar with and assume that everyone’s experience, goals, and situation are like theirs…

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