Election Season

Communist supporters of Palestinian terrorists are planning to “identify and blockade major choke points in the economy, focusing on points of production and circulation with the aim of causing the most economic impact.” In other words, they will be blocking roads and highways, according to the leftist website that is publishing their plans, Popularresistance.org.

If one city faces police repression, other cities will extend or expand their blockades or initiate other actions in response if able to the best of their abilities and capacity.

We will not attack each other or each other’s actions on social media or to the press. We will hold a post-action debrief so that we can raise principled critiques among ourselves in a constructive manner rather than publicly.

Every city will take responsibility for choosing and planning their own local actions. Fellow organizers will not discourage or denounce each others plans because solidarity means affinity, not ownership.

We will keep each other safe by not talking to the police, not coordinating with the police, and not talking to them about our actions or our fellow organizers.

Be aware that the Commies are starting their election year bullshit again. Sigh. The smoke and pepper gas grenades go back in the truck, as does some extra firepower. We will also keep an eye on traffic patterns to make sure we aren’t surprised by these criminals.

American Dream

From wirecutter, we see yet another article lamenting the loss of the American dream and how it isn’t possible for a family to live in a home with only one breadwinner. I call bullshit.

I hear this all of the time, and I have to say that I disagree with it. Americans don’t want to have the lifestyle of their grandparents, they want to live a life of unbelievably expensive leisure and luxury.

Degradation of the Family

The idea of a basic family: The Father, Mother, and 2.4 children is no longer the case in America. The share of one-parent families with children under the age of 18 has grown from 7.4% of all families in 1950 to 34.3% of all families today. It’s harder for a family to make it when there is only one adult taking care of what used to be taken care of by two adults.

My mother made most of our clothes, and what store bought clothing we did have wasn’t expensive designer stuff. For jeans, we wore Sears Toughskins because my mother claimed that they lasted longer than the stuff she made at home. I was lucky, being the oldest. My younger brother wound up wearing all of the stuff that I handed down after it no longer fit. My brother and I owned two pairs of shoes at a time- tennis shoes for general wear, and dress shoes for church and other “nice clothes” events.

Mom cooked all of the meals. We almost never ate out. When there were dinners out, it was Mom and Dad going out and we got a babysitter.

Owning a home

The average home built in 2023 is 2657 square feet. Just 50 years ago in 1973, the average new home in the US was 1660 square feet. Seventy five years ago, in 1948, the average size of a new single family home was 983 square feet. In 1938, new homes were slightly larger at 1173 square feet, but it was also more common to have multigenerational households then, with grandparents, parents, and children all living under the same roof.
Children shared a bedroom. I remember when I finally got my own room- I was a teenager and thought we had become rich. My parents bought a new house, and my brother and we finally got our own rooms. Looking back, I remember thinking how large that house is. Built in the late 70’s, it’s a four bedroom house that is only 1854 square feet, small by today’s standards.


Technology has played a role as well. Everyone in the family now has a smart phone with a data plan that permits them to be online 24/7. Multiple televisions in a house, something virtually unheard of in 1973, are the norm.

The stay at home mom didn’t sit around all day and watch TV 50 years ago. No, the woman of the house cooked, cleaned, took care of the kids, made her own and the children’s clothes, and all of the other household chores.

Back then, Dad had the only car, and the upper middle class families had a second, family car. If one of the kids wanted their own car, they paid for it themselves by getting a job.


In 1970, only half of Americans graduated from high school, less than 10 percent went to college. When you were 15 or 16, you went out and got a job. You didn’t spend your whole life in school majoring in smoking weed and getting laid while studying gender roles of non-binary sexual predators. No, you became a mechanic, a farmer, or a factory worker. You did something productive with your life and didn’t waste it making TikTok videos about sex toys.

If you want to live like Americans did in the 50s through the 70s, it is still attainable.

Dancing Monkey

John Mellencamp, along with Bruce Springsteen are some of the most overrated singers in existence. The only thing that annoys me more than their singing voices would be listening to Fran Drescher and Dylan Mulvaney singing “Islands in the Stream” as a duet with the lead singer of Great White doing backup vocals. Seriously, I hate his “singing.” That’s why I thought that a guy who is supposedly a champion of the working man charging people $5,000 each for tickets to see his show was a bit of a stretch.

So when I saw the story about how he stopped his concert in the middle of singing because someone in the crowd heckled him, I think “Not only is he a terrible singer, but he is an asshole, too.” Even though he did everyone there a favor by being silent for a few minutes, they DID pay for tickets. Being a thin skinned little bitch screwed them out of the tickets that they overpaid for.

Of course, he is a dancing money who is in favor of outlawing guns, but has 24/7 armed security but wants to deny the same level of protection to you.

Real Communism Hasn’t Been Tried

Seattle, which already as a $19.97 per hour minimum wage, passed a law mandating delivery driver minimum wage. Using a complicated formula, the law dictated that delivery drivers receive a living wage. The law caused delivery companies to pass the added costs on to the consumer in the form of extra delivery fees. The next thing you know, people in the Seattle area had to contend with $26 coffees and $32 sandwiches, with taxes and the neew delivery fees comprising nearly 30 percent of the total bill.

The free market responded, as it always does. They don’t call it the LAW of supply and demand for nothing.

Seattle residents started deleting their delivery apps from their phones in response to the spiking exorbitant delivery prices. Uber Eats experienced a 30-percent decline in order volume in the city, while DoorDash reported 30,000 fewer orders within just the first two weeks of the ordinance taking effect.

As a result, the income for drivers actually went down. A driver who made $931 in a week this time last year saw his earnings drop by half to $464.81. Small restaurants are hurting, delivery drivers are hurting, and people who depend on food deliveries are not able to get food because drivers are quitting in droves. So do the socialists in charge admit that they were wrong, and change the law? Of course not.

A spokesman for the mayor noted that “should the data show there have been unintended impacts for workers and small businesses, we are always open to making improvements”—a criterion which has clearly been met already—but nonetheless clarified that the mayor still “stands strongly in support” of the minimum wage ordinance.

Meanwhile, the president of the City Council claims she is “very worried” about the ordinance’s impacts so far—and even argues that “it’s not the role of policymakers to regulate the profit margins of companies”—before going on to say “I’m not going to redo the whole legislation.”

The law required that the city hire more bureaucrats to administer the law, and that is the point of most socialist laws- to increase the size and power of government and its officials. Just remember, the reason why communism and socialism fails is because the right people haven’t been in charge, and true communism hasn’t been tried yet.

Second Amendment Questions

A leftist judge, in an obvious attempt to make the Second Amendment look ludicrous, has ruled that the law prohibiting illegal immigrants from possessing firearms is unconstitutional.

The case at hand centered on Carbajal-Flores, who was “charged with possession of a firearm while illegally or unlawfully in the United States.” He had a handgun in his possession “in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois,” on June 1, 2020. He was charged for being a non-citizen in possession for a firearm.

Question 21l on the 4473 asks if the buyer is an alien illegally in the United States. The law in question is 922(g), which is the same law that prohibits felons, fugitives from justice, veterans with dishonorable discharges, citizens who have renounced their citizenship, people who are under a domestic violence restraining order, and those who have been convicted of domestic violence form owning firearms. Are we to believe that all of those people are now permitted to own firearms?

The court ruled that it is unconstitutional to prohibit someone who has never been convicted of a felony, a violent crime, or a crime involving the use of a weapon from owning a firearm. Think about the implications.

Now consider that this is the first time a Second Amendment court decision that affirms someone’s right to own a firearm hasn’t been protested by the left. Why is that? It’s because the left isn’t antigun. They are anti-people that they don’t like owning guns. Since they love everyone, including brown people, their own security details, and others who follow leftist orders, and hate themselves some white people, any gun decision that favors illegals is something the left will support.

Illegals with guns will be the left’s foot soldiers in the coming Civil War. Picture the military aged males pouring across the border, mostly with military equipment. Now ask yourself what’s going on here.

Now combine that with the man in Plant City, Florida who tried to buy a firearm while there was an ATF agent in the gun store. The agent believed that the man smelled like marijuana, so he ordered the gun store to deny the sale, even though the man had passed a background check for the handgun and denied that he was under the influence of marijuana. In a case earlier this month, the DOJ argued:

Because they are not responsible citizens, unlawful drug users and addicts do not have a Second Amendment right to possess firearms.

DOJ, in their brief for the appeal to SCOTUS of United States vs. Daniels

How is it possible that a person who uses drugs is not a responsible citizen, and can thus be denied the right to keep and bear arms, but an illegal alien, who is neither responsible nor a citizen, has Second Amendment rights?

The answer is simple: your government is at war with you. They are using the law and your rights as weapons against you.

We’re in Trouble Now

Not only is the left claiming to want a civil war, they are arming themselves.

Her EDC is bear spray, scissors, a pocket knife, and a flashlight. This is what these idiots think a Civil War will look like- people pepper spraying each other, and stabbing them with scissors.


The left is ramping up their propaganda for election season.

Of course, that isn’t the price of insulin. Not even close. I give people Insulin in the ED every single day. Here is the cost: less than $40, and that is for a 30 day supply. That includes Novalog, Lantus, and others. The cost is slightly more than a dollar a day, which is nowhere near the $1,300 a month being claimed.

Even if a drug was more than a person can afford, all they have to do is go to the ED. The hospital will give it to them while they are a patient.

The entire post above is a lie. It didn’t happen, or at least not the way that the person creating it wants you to believe that it happened, and that’s before we get into how a restaurant manager only made $35k a year.

I had to left align this picture.


When I was a kid, I had a scoutmaster that had escaped from the Soviet Union when his parents hid him in the trunk of a car that was driving from East to West Berlin. I grew up hearing stories of what life under communism was like.

My parents were good friends with Greg and his wife. Their sons, Mark and Andy, were friends of mine. Mark became a UPS driver. Andy, a homicide detective. I learned to hate communism and its adherents. The kids today haven’t grown up with those stories. That’s why they don’t understand that it isn’t a flex when the leader of the country jails his political opponents.

She doesn’t have the life experience or knowledge to even comprehend why Trump being prosecuted is a bad thing.

  • When the Afghanistan war began, her birth was 5 years in the future.
  • She has never lived in a world where the WTC existed.
  • When Trump was elected in 2016, she was 10.
  • She was 14 when the 2020 election happened.
  • She can’t wrap her brain around it because she is clueless about life. The adults in her life didn’t teach her, didn’t warn her about evil governments.

and that is our fault. We let the communists take over education, and those commies spent decades telling her how communism is good, and Republicans are bad.

That’s how we got here. Now it’s going to be extremely hard to fix.