Chicago Shooting

A woman at a Chicago White Sox game was hit by a stray bullet. In a theme familiar from a Bracken novel, a woman watching a baseball game was hit, and police don’t know if the bullet came from inside of or outside of the stadium. The woman shot is visible in the red circle above the “State Farm” sign:

So now that you know where to look, here is the video:

Civil, too

This asshat in Orlando prevented a fire truck from responding to an emergency by doing donuts around the truck and filming it for social media clicks. It appears as though the entire incident was a manufactured false call so the driver could film the stunt.

He was finally caught. The press doesn’t understand the charges, but I can tell you that interference with an emergency crew is a felony and filing a false 911 report of a fire is a misdemeanor for the first offense, and a felony for subsequent ones. Reckless driving is also a misdemeanor. That’s where I would start.

However, if the fire crew was delayed in any way to any emergency due to this, the people injured should be permitted to sue this ass for damages.


Last month, a man ambushed police officers in Fargo, ND who were working a traffic accident. One cop and the shooter were killed, with two cops and a bystander being wounded. Police released bodycam video from the officer who engaged and neutralized the shooter today:

Yep- you guessed it- he was a member of the religion of peace. He is a Syrian named Mohamad Barakat.

Stealing Houses

Squatters move into an empty house, then when the owners call the cops, produce a fake lease. The cops then shrug their shoulders, say there is nothing more that they can do because it’s now a civil matter, and walk away. The owner of the home then has to spend six months to a year running this through the court system to get an eviction.

It’s that easy to throw off the cops? What if I do the same thing with a stolen car? Steal the car and produce a fake bill of sale. Will the cops then call it a civil matter? Actually, they will. How do I know? Because it happened to my dumbass of a sister.

I just don’t see how the cops and the courts can make crimes like this so easy and without repercussion. They used to say that crime doesn’t pay, but that is no longer the case.

Not Smart

There are still people out there who are trying to turn Craig Robertson into a martyr. Let’s look at what got him a visit from the FBI. First, there was the threats:

This isn’t a direct threat, and probably won’t trigger an FBI visit. However, when it gets to this point:

From Craig Robertson’s Facebook account

Note how specific those were. Threatening to kill people, especially the President, will generally get you a visit from the Feds. This goes beyond protected speech. He said both how, when, and where. Kind of stupid, to be honest.

We know that he had been visited before:

So you have a guy that is issuing specific threats to kill the President this week in Utah. He has threatened multiple officials in the past, and you have gone to talk to him about it. Instead of cooling it a bit, he doubles down, and this time says if the FBI comes back, he is going to shoot at them.

So with the President coming to Utah, they decide to pay him a visit. Only this time, instead of a friendly chat, they decide to come by with a warrant and some felony charges. How would you go there, if you were in their shoes?

Look, in this case, you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. FAFO, however you want to put it. If you are going to issue specific threats to kill someone, you gotta expect them to take it seriously. That’s a crime, and this is entirely Mr Robertson’s fault for being a loudmouthed dumbass.

This isn’t Waco, it isn’t an FBI overreaction, and it isn’t anyone in the Feebs sending a message. It’s not protected speech. This guy isn’t Ashley Babbitt. This is a loudmouthed idiot who couldn’t stop his mouth from writing checks that his ass wasn’t ready to cash. I’m just not going to make this guy into a martyr.

Not It

I’ve read all of the angst about the guy in Utah that got smoked when the FBI paid him a visit. I’ve listened to those who claim this is a sign that its time to go dark. That it’s a sign that the Feds are picking on him.

It isn’t any of those things.

The guy has been issuing rather explicit death threats against specific politicians for years. Posting pictures of himself in a ghillie suit holding a rifle. He’s had multiple previous visits from the Feds. With all of that, he kept doing it. It’s always been illegal to issue death threats. This isn’t a sign of targeted assassination. It’s an armed dumbass who didn’t know when to keep his bloviating mouth shut. There is a line, and he crossed it.

If you want to off a politico, then keep your mouth shut and just do it. If you want to run your mouth, then know that there are things you can’t do, and threatening to kill people is one of them. When you ignore that advice, expect to be the target of some FBI investigations, and when they DO come over, it’s a bad idea to point guns at them. That’s been true since forever.


From JKb over at gunfreezone, we read about this six year old kid that brought a gun to school and shot his teacher. Yeah, the young age of the kid is shocking, but what isn’t shocking is that a black student got away with multiple acts of violence. The kid is now staying with his grandmother, who blames the school and his teachers:

‘He’s progressing. He’s progressed more since he’s been at this school than all those crazy years he was in a Newport News public school system,’ he added. ‘And I guess basically what he needed was a stable environment. And he just needed to be in a loving environment.

The mother blames ADHD. The kid had a long list of violent outbursts.

When I was a teacher, one of my biggest complaints was that teachers trying to maintain control of their classrooms had to fight against the students, their administrators, and the parents. You would write a discipline referral, the kid would get a stern talking to, then sent back to class. Why? Because less discipline makes the school look better.

That’s why I was told that I would need to go to anger management after I got attacked by a student in my classroom. That’s why we teachers were told that because 30% of the student body was black, but 50% of referrals were written against black students meant that we were racists.