Two “teens” decided to redistribute a homeowner’s car and got shot for their trouble. Note that the report doesn’t mention the race of those involved, but the local news stations are well known for burying the details of criminals that don’t fit the narrative.

This happened in the Pine Hills neighborhood of Orlando. The city refers to the area thusly: “Pine Hills is one of the most ethnically diverse regions of the Greater Orlando metropolitan area and is a minority majority community.”

For those of you who don’t know, locals refer to that area of town as “Crime Hills,” and it’s an area where you don’t want to get caught after dark, especially if you are white. The area is more than 70% black, and has a violent crime rate that is 73% higher than the average US neighborhood. The crime in the neighborhood is bad enough that there are numerous charities and government programs that are dedicated to lowering violent crime in the area.

The best way to defend yourself in Pine Hills is just don’t go to Pine Hills.


This is Why I Carry, reason #374

I posted last week about a man who ran over another after following the victim’s wife home due to road rage. The police received a call into a tip line, which led to the arrest of a suspect, a man by the name of Dontae Styles.

It turns out that Mr. Styles is pretty well known to Central Florida police. In just Seminole and Orange counties, he has 1 felony arrest, 4 misdemeanor arrests, and 19 traffic tickets in the past 2 and a half years since his 18th birthday.

Most interesting is a felony arrest from April of last year, where he was caught on a woman’s dash camera pointing a gun at her in traffic on Interstate 4. Why? Because she wouldn’t get out of the left lane when he wanted to pass. Even though the incident was caught on video, prosecutors dropped the charges because the case wasn’t “suitable for prosecution.”

In one of the misdemeanor cases from January 2019, police were investigating a motorcycle with defaced tags when Mr. Styles jumped on the bike and attempted to drive away. During that investigation, Mr. Styles admitted that he purposely covers his plates to avoid being caught by police. Charges were dropped because the case wasn’t suitable for prosecution.

Ticket after ticket with a common theme. Speeding, running red lights, no insurance, expired tags, wrong tag on the vehicle, driving while license suspended. In every single case, there would be a fine and perhaps a suspension of his license, which he plainly ignores and continues driving.

Then when he is finally arrested, prosecutors drop the charges because they aren’t suitable for prosecution. Even when he is caught on camera.

All in all, since he turned 18, Dontae has been a one man crime spree. He has shown that he carries a firearm, and now he has advanced to the point where he will kill you if you get in his way. So far, not one prosecutor or judge has seen fit to toss his criminal black ass in jail, but we constantly hear about how black men don’t get a fair shake in court.


Texas Judge

A county judge from Texas has invited Disney World to move to Texas. For reasons that we have already discussed, the biggest of which is the $12-25 billion price tag, Disney World isn’t going anywhere. The newest hotel (Star Cruiser) just cost Disney $1 billion alone.

It doesn’t surprise me that this judge would take this position. He is, after all, a Democrat. As we are all now aware, the Democratic party is the party of child molesters and communists. If the Republicans can’t use this issue to capture the soccer moms, they deserve to vanish into history.

Speaking of history, I promised you all more Central Florida Disney history.

Back in the late 60’s, Walt Disney wanted to build a larger theme park than the one he had built in California. Not only did he want a theme park, he wanted to build a futuristic city that would be a technological Utopia, with a dome protecting the residents from the weather and allowing a perfect environment.

The problem was that he needed to buy land for low prices. As soon as people found out it was him buying land, he reasoned, prices would skyrocket. So he hired two shady men: Paul Helliwell, who ran CIA operations in Southeast Asia, and William “Wild Bill” Donovan, head of the World War II spy organization that eventually became the CIA. Together, they hatched a plan that would give Disney total control over the legal environment of his new project.

First, Donovan and his law firm created numerous shell corporations through which large amounts of property could be purchased. A disinformation campaign kept the locals from determining that it was really the Disney company that was buying large tracts of land. Disney was correct about keeping it secret. As soon as people found out that it was him buying the land, the price per acre became 1,000 times higher, going from $80 to $80,000 an acre within weeks.

Disney needed to make sure that he had control over every aspect of the project: building codes, taxes, everything. So CIA spy Paul Helliwell did what he had already done in Southeast Asia: Create a shadow government. They created phantom cities where the property was located, installed a compliant government and proceeded to make their own rules.

So the cities of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista were created. Overseeing it all, a third phantom, the Reedy Creek Improvement District, handles local-government things like waste removal, emergency medical services and fire departments. That means Disney World was exempt from zoning and land use laws, and any public money generated within the theme parks would stay in the business.

This is what allows things like Disney’s policy preventing medics from declaring people dead. It allows Disney to collect taxes from Hotels located in the area, and the tax money funds Disney operations in a completely tax free (for Disney) way.

RCID pays the Orange County Sheriff’s office $8.5 million a year to provide law enforcement within its jurisdiction. On top of that, the theme park pays $5.6 million a year to pay individual deputies $40 an hour to act as security guards in the park. They wear their department issued uniform, carry a department issued firearm and radio, drive their taxpayer issued patrol car, and are paid by the department that they work for. The theme park then pays their department for the service. Depending on the situation, they are considered to be security guards or police.

If they want to search you but don’t have a warrant or probable cause, they are security guards. If they ask you a question and you lie, they are then cops and you have broken the law. If you resist them in any way, they are cops. They get to have things however it works out best for them. As this great grandmother found out, when Disney security searched her bags as a part of a security check and she was arrested for having CBD oil. The charges were later dropped, but this illustrates the problem I have with cops as security. They can search you, and you have no constitutional protections. But let them find something illegal, and they instantly can use the fruits of what would otherwise be an unconstitutional search and arrest you.

Of course, when their employers are accused of an actual crime like pedophilia or distribution and possession of child pornography, they are given a free pass by the deputies who don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them.

Crime Guns

Tax Money

The federal government has been spending money on research intended to support gun control. What they found is not surprising. They discovered that rural children have access to guns, with one in six rural ‘children’ claiming that they have carried a gun before age 26. This is twice the rate that urban young people admit carrying guns.

In a post from 2013, I showed that 53% of US homicides occurred in cities with populations of over 100,000. Urban areas. Now cities of that size are where 28% of the US population lives. When homicide statistics are combined with the results of the above study, we can see that in places where a person is twice as likely to be carrying a gun, a person’s chances of being a homicide victim are much lower.

That is what is known as negative correlation. That is, as the rate of firearm possession increases, the chances of being a victim of homicide decreases. To put it more simply, more guns mean fewer homicides.

Haven’t those of us who oppose gun control been saying that for several decades?

On a side note, what are researchers doing asking children in the sixth grade to report on whether or not mommy and daddy have guns in the house? Yet another mark against leftist educators.

A second side note. The website that published this article is a website dedicated to physics. What dis this study have to do with physics? Isn’t this more in the realm of sociology?



While the J6 protesters rot in prison awaiting trials for what is essentially trespassing, the BLM rioters are getting millions in lawsuits against the police.


Gun Control is the Answer

A man in St Louis tried to carjack two police officers who were in a marked police vehicle. Not only that, but he had a pending trial for domestic assault and for violating an order of protection. Those two charges mean that it is against Federal law for him to have a firearm in his possession. Slam dunk, right? Not if the prosecutor refuses to press charges.

The left would have us believe that they support gun control because it will eliminate crime. They know it won’t, because they have no intention of enforcing any laws against actual criminals. No, laws today are aimed squarely at YOU. They know that law abiding citizens will do what they always do: obey the law. The criminals will do what they always do: ignore the law.

Isn’t it time for all of us to realize that our laws have nothing to do with justice?


Uber Driver Gets Bad Review

Shooting your passenger will cause you to lose your tip.

Disney Pedos

Disney loves Pedos

Miguel over at Gunfreezone points out that Disney’s opposition to the anti grooming bill is because some of their employees are child predators. This isn’t anything new. I first blogged about that fifteen years ago, when Disney announced that employees being arrested for child porn would not be fired until they were convicted of a crime because they were entitled to due process, but summarily fired employees caught with weapons in their vehicles.

Disney thinks that it is A-OK for its employees to rape children, but draws the line at their employees being legally in possession of firearms. It happens so often that I set up an entire category for it.

Cancel Culture Crime

Two Justice Systems

I was going to post on this later in the week, but JKB over at Gunfreezone beat me to it, albeit from a different angle. A Dunkin’ employee killed someone because that person called him the so-called “n word.”

In this case, the 77 year old white man received a sentence of death for daring to use that sort of language. The 27 year old black man, so threatened by the use of an unkind word, committed a battery upon the elderly citizen. That’s right, an old man received a death sentence for using mean words. I want to mention that the article also revealed that the 77 year old victim was a convicted sex offender. Since the killer had no way of knowing that, I don’t think it was germane to the story.

For this crime, the black man was permitted to plea to felony battery. OK, I am on board with this, so far. The death was an unintentional side effect of a young, fit man punching an old man. Here is where the justice system fails:

The sentence in the case was for 200 hours of community service and two years of house arrest. He will have to stay at home, unless he is at work or church. The prosecutor had this to say:

“Two of the primary factors were the aggressive approach the victim took toward the defendant and everyone working with the defendant, and that the victim repeatedly used possibly the most aggressive and offensive term in the English language,” Kamm told the newspaper.

We constantly hear about so called “white privilege.” Now name one thing that a black man can say that will allow a white man to kill him. Contrast this with the Kyle Rittenhouse case, or the George Zimmerman case. In both of those cases, the one who did the killing was engaged in self defense from an actual attack instead of meting out punishment for the mere use of a word.

You know, the word that is used every day by rappers and other assorted “people of color.” However, if this “magic word” is uttered a single time by a white person, it can be used as an excuse for anything that a black person does for him, even if the word was uttered decades ago and the black person didn’t even hear the white person say the word.

There are now two justice systems in this country. One for straight, white males, and one for everyone else. Yes, Vonelle Cook was a sex offender with multiple convictions for having sex with 15 and 16 year old children, so I don’t mourn his passing. At the same time, the killer in this case wasn’t aware of that, so I don’t see that it was at all pertinent to what happened here. Nope, Vonelle Cook proved that you can be cancelled for using the wrong word.


Just Give Them What They Want

A man robbed a Best Western hotel in Orlando. During the robbery, he stabbed the clerk.

Those who oppose gun ownership and self defense frequently say that we don’t need to have guns for self defense, because all we need to do is give them what they want and they won’t hurt us. After all, they are just poor people who need money to feed their families.

But what if they aren’t just someone trying to feed their kids? What if what they want is to kill you? What if they are a violent feral yard ape who enjoys hurting people and the money is just a bonus?

Instead, punch his ticket. Preferably several times. Shoot the asshole until he is no longer a threat. Don’t take chances. I’m sick of reading this shit.