Repeat Offender

This guy kidnapped, raped, and murdered a woman in 1986 and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He got out and just tried to do it again. Look at his eyes, and tell me that you don’t want to punch his ticket to hell.

And ladies- don’t get into people’s cars, especially when they look like this.

I think it went swimmingly

There was a man in Missouri who murdered a police officer. He was convicted and sentenced to die. The story would end there, but his 19 year old daughter wanted to be there with him when he died, but was denied because she wasn’t yet 21. The daughter claims that the justice system failed her. Of course you know that I have some thoughts on this.

First, the convict was 37 years old on the day he was executed. His daughter was 19, making him 18 when she was born. She has a 2 month old child. Three generations of welfare recipients- children having children. The mother in this case was killed by her boyfriend when the daughter was 4 years old. It seems that the black men in this story are all about violence and death.

Second, the reason why he got the death penalty in the first place. Williams had punched his girlfriend. When the police showed up to arrest him, his brother fled on foot and collapsed of a heart attack, which was caused by a genetic defect. Williams blamed one of the cops for the death, ambushing and killing him by shooting him multiple times. Williams confessed to the murder and was sentenced to death. Of course, the leftist lawyers all cried about how the process was races ‘n sheeit. Williams claims that it was due to his mental illness.

The daughter is an advocate against capital punishment. The family’s reverend says that there were other ways to handle this. In full disclosure, I oppose the death penalty as well, but only because I don’t trust the government to get the right guy. In this case, they did. She is an advocate against the death penalty? Why not be an advocate of black people committing violent crimes or murders? Then the death penalty would be wholly unnecessary.

My feeling here? No one in this scenario seems to even consider what the police officer and his children went through. No one considers that Williams was a violent criminal with a history of committing violent felonies. So he found religion as his execution date came near. So what? He wasn’t sorry for what he did, he was sorry that he got caught. How many crimes were prevented by his incarceration and execution?

Good Guy With a Gun

A good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun, and doesn’t even fire a shot. The antigun left won’t count this as a “defensive gun use” but it certainly was. You don’t need to fire a gun in order to use it in self defense.

Note how they stress that the hero was an “armed veteran” who “grabbed his gun, chambered a round, and rushed outside to assist.” They can’t admit that a CCW carrier could possibly do anything good, unless they were a veteran who kept an unloaded gun around.

Guessing Game

Police have arrested a 14 year old in the January shooting death of a 15 year old Jones High School student. The 14 year old has reportedly confessed to the murder. The story reports on the name of the victim and even includes a picture.

You will note that there is no name or picture of the 14 year old killer. I wondered why, so I went hunting for one, and it didn’t take me long to find it.

That explains why they didn’t mention his name, Tydeareon Devonte Sessler, nor include a picture. Still, it doesn’t surprise anyone here, does it?

That’s What You Got From That?

The headline reads “Virginia man known as ‘Glockz’ convicted of possessing ‘ghost gun” All they focus on is that he had a homemade firearm. Nevermind that he was dealing cocaine and Fentanyl. Nevermind that he rammed a police car with his Escalade. There was another gun in his possession at the time, but that doesn’t matter. He is a convicted felon. That is, a criminal.

Here is the gun, which appears to be a Polymer 80.

He was in possession of opiates and Promethazine, according to photos. That’s illegal without a prescription. The reason promethazine is important is that it potentiates the effects of opiates. That is, taken with an opiate, it greatly increases the effect that the opiate has.

What you will note is that there are pictures of the gun, pictures of drugs, but not a single picture of the criminal. That’s important. It shows that there is not a concern by the reporter for the person committing violent crimes. While the article mentions that he had been convicted of armed robbery, it doesn’t mention that he has been caught committing armed robbery on more than a few occasions.

The odd part? His instagram account has been scrubbed. After an exhaustive search, I couldn’t find a single picture of this man anywhere. There is no description of him or what he looks like to be found. It’s like they don’t want us to know what he looks like. I wonder why.

Criminals by definition do not follow laws. This one certainly didn’t. What matters is that he was a convicted violent criminal. He was caught breaking other laws, including using his vehicle as a weapon. So what difference does it make whether or not he had a ghost gun? The answer is of course, it doesn’t. Unless the real reason for the article was not to report on the criminal, but to report on the gun. The real reason of this article is to make the gun appear to be the danger here, and not the drug dealing violent black man who was using it to commit crimes.

Baltimore Shooting

Officers arrived on the scene Sunday of a stabbing and shot the assailant 14 times.

It looks good to me. However, the cops are already taking criticism for the shooting. The assailant who was shot is a “community activist” who was in favor of establishing “no shoot zones.”

“I think it was overkill and it shouldn’t have went that far,” said Carlton Moorehead, the assailant’s father, who claims his son had been suffering from a mental health crisis, and that police wrongly handled the situation. He insisted that police should have tried to deescalate the situation and gotten his son mental health counseling. Nevermind the fact that he was stabbing the innocent woman, whose only crime was walking down the street while your son was getting all stabby.

The NAACP issued a statement following the video’s release, and said they would conduct their own investigation into the incident, because of course they will. After all, we need to support the rights of black men to be able to stab women in the throat without police interference.


Corionn Rodman Jones-Bentley was breaking into vacation rentals while the tourists who were staying there were asleep. In at least one case, he was caught and attacked the occupants. Deputies finally caught him and he has been charged with 9 burglaries and is suspected in 4 others. He attacked the arresting officers.

Looking at his criminal record, he has been arrested in 8 burglaries in Osceola county. In 5 of those cases, the state didn’t press charges. He was convicted in 3 of them by entering a plea agreement on all three cases simultaneously on March 3. He was given a jail sentence of 271 days, but all of that was erased with credit for time served. A total of 8 felony charges, plea guilty, get released from jail immediately. Then he resumes burglarizing homes immediately. Sounds like justice to me.

This is why we have so much crime. Our criminal justice system is a revolving door. Violent criminals are allowed to continue this behavior again and again, getting turned loose only to commit the same crimes again in a month or two.

Meanwhile, the police are out there being douchebags to people who aren’t committing violent felonies. Why is that? Well, the State Attorney for Orange and Osceola county is Monique H. Worrell, a liberal democrat. She boasts that her office is “culturally diverse” and her official website brags:

Monique was elected to bring reform to a criminal legal system that is fundamentally flawed, in order to achieve equity and to move our system towards justice.

The Osceola County Sheriff is Marco Lopez, a Democrat from Chicago. When he was elected, his priorities were increasing the diversity of the sheriff’s department, deescalation training and adding more mental health resources. Note that actually stopping crime and catching criminals was not on the radar.

I can promise you one thing. There is no recidivism if I catch a violent felon breaking into my house while I am home.

They Hate You

The left hates you and wants you dead. They think mass killings are funny, a game. The lawyers defending the Parkland shooter flipped off the families of their client’s mass shooting and then laughed about it with their confessed, mass murdering client.

The families of those victims were pissed and responded by pointing out how the defense counselors would feel if their own children were killed. The defense tried to get the judge to issue a warning to them. The judge told them to sit down. So now the defense wants the judge to be impeached.

Flip me off during the trial of my child’s murderer while you are defending him and see what happens to you. Remember that police and trials exist so lynchings don’t.