A doctor with ties to Israeli intelligence ties is warning that Hunter Biden is feeding information from a high level FBI asset to Chinese intelligence officials.

Doctor Luft is claiming that Chinese state-controlled energy company CEFC was paying $100,000 a month to President Biden’s son Hunter and $65,000 to Joe’s brother Jim, in exchange for their FBI connections and use of the Biden name to promote China’s Belt and Road Initiative around the world. Doctor Luft says that, from 2015 to 2018, he was responsible for organizing international energy conferences for Patrick Ho.  Ye Jianming confided to Dr. Luft that Hunter had an was extremely well placed informant in the FBI, who they paid lots of money to provide sealed law enforcement information and other classified information that could be of use to the CCP.

Patrick Ho is the chairman of the Chinese Energy Fund Committee, a USA nonprofit that lobbies on behalf of the Chinese Energy Fund Commission, who has Ye Jianming as its chairman. Ye and Ho are described as Hunter’s Chinese “business partners.” This is because Hunter has so much experience running companies, like the Ukrainian gas company he was in charge of, despite never actually, you know, being in charge of anything. It’s important at this point to remember that China is a communist country, and therefore all companies belong to the communist party, who also owns the government.

The FBI mole told Ye that the Southern District of New York was investigating him and/or Ho in late 2017, and that “an Asian, an African, and a Jewish guy” were named on a sealed indictment. Soon after that tipoff, Ye offered Hunter $1 million to be his “private counsel” and flew to China. He was detained in Shanghai three months later and disappeared.

Hunter was paid $1 million by CEFC to represent Ho, which entailed contacting his FBI sources on Ho’s behalf and engaging another attorney to do the legal work, according to emails on his laptop. CEFC paid a further $4.9 million to Hunter and Jim Biden in monthly installments for 14 months from August 2017, government records show. The House Oversight Committee released bank statements last week, showing an additional $1,065,000 was funneled from a Chinese company affiliated with CEFC to Hunter, Jim, and Hallie Biden, Hunter’s former lover, and widow of his late brother, Beau. The payments were made in increments over three months through Biden associate Rob Walker, whose wife, Betsy, had been personal assistant to then-second lady Jill Biden. So in total, the Chinese government has paid the Biden family at least $7 million.

The worst part of all this, is that the FBI knew every bit of this by 2018. There is no other conclusion that can be drawn here, other than this: The FBI and the White House are fully under the control of the CCP. Here is a link to Tucker Carlson reporting on the entire story.

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Joker Laughter · March 25, 2023 at 1:40 pm

Since they have wrapped up the Long March, there is no need to keep it in the shadows anymore.
We get to be the Indians now as we are sold down the river.

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