It was my birthday this past week. Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I recently began seeing a new woman, after being dumped in early December by the last one. The new woman’s name is Jennifer, and she lives in a town about 70 miles from here. She decided to surprise me by taking a vacation day from work without telling me, drove to my area, and then called me to tell me to meet her at 3 o’clock.

She then took me on a date and paid for everything. We didn’t do anything fancy: we played mini golf, got some dinner, and then went to a movie. We were out for eight hours. It was one of the best times that anyone has ever shown me for my birthday. Let me explain:

In 2013, my girlfriend at the time and I went to a steak restaurant and got dinner, then we went bowling. Total cost for the night? $124. I paid for it all.
In 2012, I got nothing. I was in Grad school, and we had a party for all of the people in the class who had a February birthday, but that was it.
In 2011, I was informed by my wife at the time, just five days before my birthday, that I was getting a divorce, because I wouldn’t give her money to get another college degree, when she wasn’t doing anything with the one that she had just gotten the year before.

That’s as far back as I can remember. Birthdays (and women) have never been that good for me. This year was a major improvement.

She gave me a card, and told me that she had spent hours looking for one that said exactly what she wanted it to say. The card talked about my qualities as a man, and said that the world needs more men like me. She then texted me when I got home, and explained that while she isn’t good at expressing her feelings, she wanted me to know that she is happy to be on life’s journey with me.

While in the movie, Jennifer flipped up the armrest, placed her head on my
shoulder, and stayed there cuddled up against me for the entire movie. I
spent the entire movie intoxicated by the smell of her. Her perfume,
the smell of her shampoo. I didn’t watch most of the movie, because I
was busy looking at the curve of her neck and enjoying the feel of her
against me. It was one of the most intensely erotic and enchanting experiences that I have ever had.

All of this, and we have only been dating for four weeks. I don’t know if this woman has read “The Art of Seduction” or some other similar book, but she could not be doing a better job of enthralling me.

I feel like I am chasing her and earning her affection, but at the same time, it seems like she is orchestrating the entire thing. I’m thinking that if this is what it is like to date an intelligent, stable, independent woman who knows what she wants, I am going to be a happy, happy man.

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Anonymous · March 1, 2014 at 12:03 pm

Congratulations, it sounds like you may have finally found a good woman. That's a rare find nowadays, and I'm really glad to hear that you've gotten over the last one and may have found happiness again.

Anonymous · March 1, 2014 at 12:04 pm

Happy late birthday, btw.

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