A man rapes a woman on a train while bystanders film it with their cell phones and people are amazed. How can you be? California has enacted a law that allows people to be sued for making 911 calls about minorities. The law is called the ‘CAREN Act,’ named for a racial pejorative that refers to middle aged white women and their “use of white privilege” to get their way or complain about the behavior of minorities. The left claims that the CAREN Act will save lives because blacks are being prejudged by people whose unfounded fear triggers them to call 911, then the cops are showing up and killing them.

So I have been commenting on local media sites that I completely understand why this is happening. Why would a white person risk a lawsuit or criminal prosecution for a stranger by calling 911 or otherwise intervening?

Ask George Zimmerman what happens when you intervene. You risk everything: you might be called a racist ‘wannabe’, prosecuted, cancelled, and having your life destroyed. You may even have to defend your life before having it destroyed by the media lynch mob.


So I brought that up, and one leftie poster said:

You are comparing a child, Trayvon Martin walking through an apartment complex as the same thing as an adult raping a woman? Zimmerman shouldn’t have intervened. He deserved his future being ruined my killing an unarmed child.

So I see what I think is a man raping a woman. I call out and tell him to stop. He stops, and instead decides to pounce on me, beating my head on the steel floor of the train. I cry out for help, and the others on the train simply film it with their phones. I am about to have my skull caved in because it is being beaten on the floor of the train. So I draw my legally concealed handgun and shoot him. It turns out that it wasn’t a rape, it was a 17 year old and his 16 year old girlfriend who were just playing around. Now I am being tried for killing an unarmed child. Since he is not the same race as I am, I am accused of being a racist, my life is destroyed, and I am charged with murder.

Why risk it? Instead, I decide to mind my own business. It isn’t my responsibility to defend you, or anyone else. Try bringing a mental health counselor with you to deescalate the situation. 


Skyler the Weird · October 19, 2021 at 1:05 pm

Since we’re becoming Central America I’m sure the Central American Right Wing Death squads are just around the corner.

Russell G. · October 19, 2021 at 2:16 pm

“You are comparing a child, Trayvon Martin walking through an apartment complex as the same thing as an adult raping a woman?”

Ya gotta love that garbage “wanted to be an astronaut” narrative instilled by the local Dade ABC affiliate et al.

Trayvon was a street thug who was in Sanford because of Obama’s Promise Act, having been (finally) suspended from the Miami Dade school system for having stolen shit in his bookbag and fighting. He was as fucked up as Parkland shooter Nick Cruz, also falling under Obama’s Promise Act, having been reported to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s office more than 30 times. ‘Ol Trayvon was coming home from the convenience store after trying to get dope, blunts, and some stuff to mix up some drank. He jumped the “White Hispanic” and was bashing his head repeatedly against the sidewalk because he was a punk feeling frisky in the Sanford demographics and thought he’d get away with doing a pudgy whitish dude (in the dusk). He got the taxpayer relief shot with a KelTec instead.

There’s no fucking difference there, lefttard. The green light in Florida is “Imminent bodily harm.” Good ‘ol Pammy Bondi was the one that turned that “cute kid” shitshow into a racial relation carnival act orchestrated with MSM and “pass the trashcan” Ben Crump. That incident was also the start of the Dream Defenders in Florida/Georgia (cue Stacey Abrams and Obama; “I’d have a son just like that…), now know as the Black Lives Matter extortion network.

Welcome to Clownworld kids where, as DiveMedic gets to, there are no longer that many Sheepdogs willing to do what’s necessary.

    Divemedic · October 19, 2021 at 6:24 pm

    That’s my point. The issue here is this:
    “Doing something” means one of three things:
    * Verbally intervening by demanding in person that the criminal stop his behavior. This likely will not work, and may result in the aforementioned bad guy trying to curb stomp you for being a “Karen” which will result in choice two;
    * Physically intervening by using force. This will likely get you prosecuted like Zimmerman for using force on an “unarmed POC.”
    * Intervening by calling 911. This will likely result in you being “canceled” for using your “white privilege” and calling the cops on a POC.

    All three of the above entail a level of risk for no reward to you. This may result in you losing your job, getting sued, or facing criminal charges. In exchange for that risk, there needs to be a benefit or the risk simply isn’t worth it. I will not intervene in a criminal case unless that crime involves a friend or family member. If I don’t know the victim, then I don’t care if there is a man wearing a “Jason” style hockey mask standing over a person’s dead body while holding a bloody machete. If he doesn’t come after me, I am not getting involved.

    Being a sheepdog is a high risk, unpaid job that carries no benefits to the sheepdog and is hated by both the sheep and the shepherd.

      Jimbo · October 20, 2021 at 2:28 pm

      Well, yeah. Cops aren’t under any specific, legal duty to protect you. Other than a moral duty to help a fellow human being, which appears to be more and more shunned and derided by society, especially urban, and often, leftist-run society, what duty do I have to a stranger? Why should I have a higher standard of duty to the personal safety and security of a stranger than the police do? Where does my duty to ensure the safety, security or comfort of a stranger begin and end?

      Which is generally my response to the “Get the (ineffective) jab and wear a (useless) mask to protect someone else’s grandma.” rhetorical arm twisting. It results in a lot of blank looks and stammering.

      But what if it was your daughter while she’s away at college, your wife going to pick up your son from baseball practice? Would you want a stranger to intervene?

      Unfortunately, I’m forced to concur with your sentiment: no intervention except for friends and family. I mourn for the destruction of our once-great country and society and the moral fabric upon which it was based. The (D)-bags have done their work well…

Chris · October 19, 2021 at 4:35 pm

If they stopped acting like rabid dawgs when the cops showed up they might not get shot.
Gd dumbass’s.

Skyler the Weird · October 19, 2021 at 8:38 pm

Remember Jonathan Pentland the drill Sargent in SC who confronted the crazy black man terrorizing the neighborhood. He got charged with assault for his trouble. Was found guilty by a judge and was suspended from duty. It doesn’t pay to be a hero.

fatman · October 19, 2021 at 11:18 pm

Batman wore a mask for a reason.

Ray · October 20, 2021 at 6:50 pm

And let’s not forget that the anti-2A crowd is always saying “Let the police handle it; that’s their job”.

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