I am at work today and was having a conversation with one of my employees. She is a 20 something lesbian who claims that she and her wife feel sorry for Ukrainians and thinks that Russia needs to be stopped. I told her that I don’t think that the US needs to be solving everyone’s problems, and that it isn’t worth Amercans dying and fighting to be the world’s savior.

She responded by saying that, “I agree that we don’t need to get the US involved in a war, but SOMEONE should stop them from doing that to the Ukrainians.”

I asked her if she were willing to join the military to go fight and perhaps die to stop them. She replied “Of course not, but someone should stop them.”

I asked her, short of military force, how that would happen. She replied that we could negotiate and if that doesn’t work we could take them to court, or something.

“Hans, bubby, I am your white knight.”

The left has no idea about any kind of reason beyond Kindergarten level rules for dealing with others.

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BobF · February 27, 2022 at 2:52 pm

Not with her space, blood, sweat, possessions, or money. Someone ELSE *must* do it!

She doesn’t come close to the most basic, rudimentary level of critical thinking. Scary, given the work environment.

Big Ruckus D · February 27, 2022 at 2:53 pm

Since you went with the Ellis quote (nicely played, sir), you should’ve told her “you missed some” while motioning towards your chin. Oh wait, she’s a lesbian, never mind. Just hand her a scissors and walk off. But don’t turn your back to her, she might shank you.

These hopelessly stupid twats. Of both (or was it 57?) genders. Get Judge Judy out of retirement to mediate, that oughta do it.

I Can Count To Potato · February 27, 2022 at 3:08 pm

We can haez faculty lounge utopia?

Don Curton · February 27, 2022 at 3:25 pm

I’ll go out on a limb and state the decline of western civilization starts with giving women the right to vote and not accounting for their inherent tendency to think “someone must do something” whenever they hear anything that sounds unpleasant. Not all women, obviously, but most of them have that mindset. Someone must do something, regardless of whether they have the right to do something, on a need, or a plan, or a path to success, or even a definition of success. Doing something must be done. As level headed, based, and grounded as my wife is, we still have this basic argument every now and then. Her with the need to do something, me arguing back that nothing can or should be done.

    Big Ruckus D · February 27, 2022 at 3:44 pm

    Uh huh. And 100 years ago today, the “supreme” court defended women’s right to vote. Fast forward to 2/27/2022, and now we have a nominee to the same court chosen only because:
    ✔️vagina (well, I assume so. I’ll not independently verify)

    So qualified, much impressed.

J. Smith · March 1, 2022 at 9:33 am

“The left has no idea about any kind of reason beyond Kindergarten level rules for dealing with others.” That is because they were never taught the utility of violence in the crucible of experience. They were only taught emotional response, use your words and deconfliction without violence. There is only force and coercion to get someone to do something. Without force coercion is useless against someone willing to use violence.

My Father just relayed a similar story about my sister upon hearing 16 year olds in the Uke were being drafted. My sister started ranting about how can they do this, she would never let her teenage son be drafted.
He said, but it was ok for your brother, (me) and my daughter, son and son in law to serve. Funny how that works.

    Divemedic · March 1, 2022 at 9:39 am

    A draft to defend one’s home from invasion is different IMO from a draft to fight a war in another nation. In the first case, you can either be drafted to fight as a member of the military, fight as an irregular militia, or become a victim of the invader.

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