Six police officers and two firefighters were shot in the past 24 hours. Four of the cops were in Florida, two of them are dead. One of the dead cops is a friend of mine. The suspect was known to the cops. According to a reliable source and friend, the two cops were ambushed, with their killer waiting for them to arrive, shooting them before they even knew what was happening, and then shooting them in the back of the head after they were down. Make no mistake, this was an ambush. Neither cop even had time to draw a weapon.

The coup and subsequent revolution that I wrote about recently continues. Things are going to get more and more violent as time goes on.

EDITED: The suspect in the Kissimmee shooting recently began calling himself Malik Mohammad Ali. Here is his Facebook page. It is filled with hate and racial propaganda, but one of the officers he killed was a black man. Go figure.

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