Sometimes I get a comment that is just so flabbergasting, it feels like I am being trolled. This comment to the post about the woman who murdered her newborn is so incredible, I had to break it out into its own post. The poster didn’t leave an email address, and the IP seems to be for a VPN. That will be important later. The comment in red. My response in black.

Of course I wish for every child to be wanted and to be raised in a loving home by an extended family. But that utopia is not reachable, and then what are the best approaches remaining in actual reality?

So because perfection isn’t possible, we should murder any children whose parents don’t want them? This comment isn’t about abortion. This woman MURDERED a child who had already been born. She took positive action that resulted in the child’s death, and tried to conceal her crime.

Daughter’s actions reveals she’s not the brightest. Mom’s being practical and wonders what the Bolsheviks (upper-middle class implementors of Communism) are going to do to her daughter. Like with drug abuse, adding prison to unplanned pregnancy does not improve the situation.

So what if the daughter is stupid? That isn’t a pass to commit murder. Again, let’s be clear here: she was in a hospital where her newborn could receive medical care. Instead, she gave birth to a child, who she then stuffed in a trash can and covered up with a trash bag. That is murder. There is a debate on whether or not abortion kills a child, and that debate centers around when a fertilized egg becomes a human life. This isn’t part of that debate. In this case, the child had already been born. There is nothing at this point that would legally or morally justify what she did. It is murder. I also don’t think that the cops here are acting as “Bolsheviks” here, as you allege. They are investigating a *murder* not a political offense.

The biology word “adult” means sufficiently mature to reproduce. This woman is an adult, as humans reach adulthood prior to age 18.

Human women reach biological maturity sometime around age 14. That isn’t the standard we are judging her by. As a 19 year old woman, she is an adult in the legal sense. She is also old enough to understand that murder is wrong.

This adult is innocent; she never stole from you, lied to you, cheated you, or trespassed on your property. You aren’t the father or the family supporting her, and her baby is none of your business.

So because I am not the victim, I can’t call her out for murdering another human?

The middle class calls itself “government” or “church” when they hurt innocents to demonstrate they aren’t on the bottom of the pecking order. The middle class says thoughtless casual sex for pleasure is “bad”, but that’s just a made-up apology for power. Communism for bad mothers like free healthcare, free food, and free babysitting are just more made-up apologies for power. Conservatives are on the same side of the barricades as the Bolshies, both fighting against liberty.

I don’t even understand what this non sequitor is even in the comment for. For excusing and politicizing the murder of a human child, you are a useless piece of shit.

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Philosoraptor · May 18, 2023 at 1:51 pm

Democracy is not a suicide pact and liberalism or the stepping stone to communism is a Jonestown death cult.
Dragging us all down with them is a feature and not a bug.
We must separate.

oldvet50 · May 18, 2023 at 1:56 pm

I agree wholeheartedly! She should be prosecuted for murder for her vile actions. Women are the most favored class when it comes to children and how society treats the mother. She could have easily given the child up to the state with no repercussions whatsoever. She would not have to financially support the child at all. There had to be a man involved with this interaction at some point but had the woman decided to keep the child, the father could not abdicate his financial responsibility as the mother can. Funny how that works when all that women claim to want is equailty with men in all things.

Big Ruckus D · May 18, 2023 at 2:15 pm

The comment in question strikes me as the nihilistic spew of some oddball autist. I see strangely phrased comments like this (to say nothing of the equally strange content of the actual message) elsewhere and generally gloss over them. Some are undoubtedly trolls trying to incite a reaction. Others are probably just really “off” dudes who will take advantage of an free forum in which to try and spread whatever freakish ideology they are espousing.

Your house, your rules. If the comment offends your sensibilities and standards for content, then it gets moderated out of the queue and never appears. Giving undue attention to these sorts by focusing on their weirdness is giving them a win.

Yes, it amounts to censorship. So what? The bad guys have used it to great effect, and the good guys need to learn that sticking to principles (like free speech) benefits their enemies and ultimately becomes self defeating. Yeah, it sucks we have to stare into the abyss, as it will stare back into us.

But a fight of this nature can either be won on power and will, or one can lose their ass and then try to rationalize it by saying “at least I didn’t sink to their level”. Which accomplished what, exactly? This isn’t a fair fight, and /ourguys/ won’t win it by playing by our own self imposed rules, when the other side has no compunction whatsoever about breaking any rule or standard to get what they want. So, censor the hell out of them as you see fit.

Rick T · May 18, 2023 at 2:18 pm

The bot’s first post was word salad too, and definitely anti-Christian. It just wasn’t as mind-boggling nihilistic as the second post. Nihilistic or frankly, Satanic as in ‘Do what you will is the whole of the law’. No one else was harmed when she killed her child so there was no crime? Really? Claiming casual sex is bad is a power move? Damn, dude, lay off the ‘shrooms.

I guess if someone shoots you they shouldn’t be charged with murder either since nobody else was harmed. The poster may have a human shape but that is a demonic personality.

    Rick · May 18, 2023 at 8:20 pm

    Roger that. The comment is so creepy that I couldn’t read the last two parts. Consider that this is what the current generation thinks is ‘normal’, that there is nothing amiss here.

    It truly is evil. And it is being taught. And learned.

    The ‘whole of the law’, you are exactly correct.

Elrod · May 18, 2023 at 2:47 pm

“This adult is innocent; she never stole from you, lied to you, cheated you, or trespassed on your property. You aren’t the father or the family supporting her, and her baby is none of your business. “

Well, actually, I think it is “my business” because I’m part of this society and this culture, and how the most defenseless in it are treated is, at least to some degree, my concern. Destroying society with depravity one event at a time is one of the many reasons we are where we are in America today.

There were options – there always are – but this one wa simple. It occurred in a hospital, so opening the door and handing the baby to the first person to walk by with “I can’t deal with this” would have relieved her of the burden and achieved protection for the child. I do not know New Mexico law, but in my state a newborn can be dropped off at fire stations, police stations, county offices – almost any governmental facility – with almost no questions asked – it does need to be determined that illegality is not involved, but beyond that no further questions are allowed – and no consequences (IIRC, Florida operates the same way).

Seems like a strong possibility the mother had mental health problems; what the solution to that might be, I have no clue, but even that is no excuse for abrogating the responsibility for the barest
minimum of care. Just opening the door and uttering “help” would have produced immediate assistance. For both of them.

Rick · May 18, 2023 at 8:07 pm

The crux of the matter is some try to argue there is no absolute, i.e., no absolute truth. So, having created such a condition, they seek to argue the philosophical good Vs evil. So, they engage in a battle of wits, though unprepared.

In their mind, they always win. They win, you lose. It’s a short hop to you are evil. The name calling, the twisted logic, their antagonism, is justified … in their fragile egotistical, narcissistic minds. Such is the pathos of the immature.

I think it good to call them out and to identify them to the fullest extent you are able. Transparency is like kryptonite to such a mind. They should be shamed. They should, but likely not, feel shamed.

None of us are perfect. Yet it is a measure of the sound mind that one accept their shortcomings and grow from there. This is me being hopeful, thinking such a twisted mind might become straightened. Often, the best course is a leather belt across their nether regions. A lesson learned, hopeful, towards maturity.

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