The Pope has been advocating for the government to take care of the poor. He claims that wanting to care for the poor doesn’t make one a communist. That is true, but when you say that the government should care for the poor, what you are saying is that the government should send armed men to your home to forcibly take money from you and give it to the poor (after they get their own cut, of course) IS communism as it has been practiced.

I cannot listen to a man tell me that I need to give more of my money to feed the poor when he is the guy taking a dump on a solid gold crapper that is crusted with diammonds and said to be worth over US$50 million. . The Catholic church is wealthy beyond measure. Maybe the Pope can start there. Sure, the Pope doesn’t own that stuff, the Church does. Sure, he is technically under a vow of poverty. He does, however, live in a palace filled with priceless works of art, has hundreds of servants and body guards, an armored Limo, and a personal jet.

Communism is for the people, not the communists.

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Anonymous · November 4, 2014 at 9:35 pm

Return the stolen art and jewelry to the people from whom it was stolen. Donate the price from the sale of one painting, art item, to families in various countries. Support a family for one year. Update and modernize housing for families world wide, etc etc. Never happen, nice thought. Pope is head of church, let him lead the way.

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