Fast food workers are striking again, demanding $15 an hour. This is a coordinated effort, being bankrolled by the left. The problem here is that workers who demand too much money will eventually get to a cost point where automation is cheaper than hiring a worker.
McDonald’s has 7,000 electronic cashiers in Europe, where hiring humans is more expensive because employers are required by law to give a month’s vacation a year, three month’s or more paid maternity leave, and other costly benefits to their employees. Just like ATMs, these machines are cheaper to operate than the employees that they are replacing.
An automated teller, like the ones being used by McDonald’s, have a number of advantages over employees:
– They can speak as many languages as the employer needs them to, to serve a larger customer base.
– They are never rude or insulting to customers
– They will always get the order correct
– They will not steal, or “skim” money from the register
– They do not require ObamaCare insurance.
– They do not call in sick, come in late, leave early, take long breaks, demand a raise, take vacation, get pregnant, or any of the other things that human employees do that cost an employer money.

Next, look for machines to replace the kitchen help, as well.

A $15 an hour minimum wage would be very close to the tipping point, if not already beyond it. In fact, an executive order signed by President Obama  issued last fall for fast food workers on federal contracts under the Service Contract Act require an increase in the minimum wage for such employees, varying by region. The rules also require payment of
new, additional “health and welfare” fringe benefits at a rate of $3.81
per hour to those employees.

Contractor-operated fast food concessions on military installations fall under those regulations. This increases costs to operate restaurants, and this has resulted in the shut down of fast eateries on military bases all over the world.

As for the striking workers, I would simply fire any one who is a no call no show, or anyone who calls in sick and is seen outside protesting. Healthy enough to protest, healthy enough to come into work. A worker who protests on his own time is fine by me, as long as he is not in my uniform, on my property, or reflecting poorly on my company while holding himself out as an employee.

You are free to protest, I am free to fire you.

Freedom, a wonderful thing.

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