I read Tam’s post on cars, and I instantly laughed to myself. 

Computer controlled cars:
Once cars are computer controlled, the major computer companies will be on board:

Microsoft car: “It has been determined my model number is too old and this model is no longer supported. Therefore, I can only drive to the recycling center after today’s date. If you would like to order the new model, please go to www.windowscar.com.”
The car will be made by many different manufacturers with a large number of options, and usually costs about $40,000.
The car will freeze, hang, and occasionally crash for no apparent reason. When you call Microsoft, they will blame the maker of the transmission and engine. The makers of the engine and transmission will blame the software by Microsoft. Apple owners will laugh and point out that their car “just works.”

Apple car: There will be a new release every year, and the Apple fans will line up at the dealership a week before to get one. The car comes in models that seat 1, 2, or  4 people and will cost $80,000 for the 1 person model, $100,000 for the 2 person model, and the 4 person model will set you back $125,000.  The car can only be driven on roads owned by Apple, Maintenance, and even airing up the tires can only be done at the Genius bar. Refueling requires that you trade in the old car for a new one, as there are no user serviceable features on this car.

Not to be outdone, the tech nerds will open source a Linux version that you can download into one of the Windows cars. The software will be free, but only about ten percent of the people on the road will understand enough about the car in order to start it. The Linux software eliminates the software problems of the Windows automobile operating system, but you also need to download an emulator in order to operate on anything other than residential streets.

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