An off duty cop, drinking in a bar, propositions a female soldier in a bar. She rebukes his advances, so he goes out to his car and retrieves his handcuffs, gun, and badge, and then arrests her. Here is the story.When other bar patrons try to intervene, he threatens to arrest them for interfering with police business.

At one point, he says “This is how a Marine deals with soldiers.” He even orders them to stop recording and to leave the bar, threatening them with arrest for not obeying his orders. He also, according to the patrons on the recording, displayed a firearm. The patrons discuss the fact that concealed weapons are not allowed in bars. They are mistaken.

Cops are allowed to carry guns almost everywhere, even when drunk in a bar. It is illegal to resist an officer in most states, even if the cop in question is breaking the law himself. This means that anyone that tried to stop him would have wound up shot or in jail. We need to do away with the idea that cops are always on duty. If that is the case, then they should never drink, and should all be placed on salary with no overtime pay. After all, if they are always on duty, then they need their wits about them at all times, right?

The sheriff stands behind his deputy, and insists that he did nothing wrong.

However, Sheriff Leon Lott says the CPD made a mistake in arresting Derrick.
Lott says columbia police believed Derrick did not have the authority
to make an arrest. He says Derrick does have that authority.
The sheriff also disputes a suggestion in the CPD incident report
that Derrick was making an advance on the woman but had been rejected.
He says his deputy was trying to calm the soldier. 

 I’m betting you that he will be back on the job in a few days, with no consequences.


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