It seems like it is police SOP to shoot every dog you see. A police officer serving a warrant for a traffic offense got the wrong house. He shot a three year old German Shepherd that was a therapy dog.

Of course, police say the officer felt threatened when he opened fire, and say that dog was running towards the officer. The homeowner says the dog was shot through the neck as his 6-year-old grandson played nearby, and he opened the door when he heard the shots to find his crying child covered in blood. The boy wasn’t physically hurt, the blood belonged to the dog.

The big, brave officer remains on active duty, of course.

This link requires pay to read the full article, but there is a free video.

It seems to me that if the cop had the wrong house, he should face some sort of negligence charge. There are those that say the cop’s side of the story hasn’t been heard. The problem is that it never will be. The cop will, as they always do, be excused and nothing will happen. In my mind, a cop serving a warrant on the wrong house should be held personally accountable for anything that happens as a result of him being at the wrong house.

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c w swanson · June 22, 2013 at 4:07 pm

Amen! Too much power corrupts, as does a sense that there will never be a consequence to behavior like this.

Sooner or later the people will have to do something about this kind of behavior themselves – a sort of self help in cleaning up their own institutions.

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