A brand new study says that “almost half of those hospitalized with COVID-19 have mild or asymptomatic cases.” Yes, I agree. This is my experience at my hospital.

I think the reason for this is that the hospital tests every single patient who is admitted for COVID, even if they come in for something that is not related to the disease in any way. More than half of the patients in my hospital are COVID positive, but only about ten percent are severe cases, and another ten percent are moderate cases. The remainder- about 8o percent of them, are mild or asymptomatic.

Anecdote: When my nephew and his girlfriend went to the hospital so she could give birth to my grand-niece, they were both tested. Both were COVID positive, but asymptomatic.

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my brother told me an army doctor told him that if you have ever had the flu ( a corona virus, yes?), you could test positive for antibodies for covid…i don’t work in a hospital, so i have no clue…is this how the test works DM?

The answer to that is: It depends. Some PCR tests create false positives, especially if done incorrectly. A PCR test is not an antibody test.

Yes, there is an ICD code for COVID patients. If this code is present, the hospital is paid more money. This is certainly an incentive to test more people. The more people who have COVID, the more the hospital (and other providers) gets paid.
Here is the fact sheet for the ICD diagnosis code:
Here is a great pdf billing guide from United Health on billing for COVID treatments and services:

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