COVID Genetic Link

How bad your case of COVID turns out to be is based on genetic factors.

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FT won’t let us read. Could you excerpt it?

Regardless, one of the creepiest aspects of the gain of function research going on with viruses is that there has been active research into infecting portions of humanity based on their genetics. Race, nationality (in some cases) or anything they can isolate.

You can replace “infecting” with “wiping out” in that sentence.

why do you think they kept the swabs?… I’m pretty sure I had it in the beginning but never showed symptoms…I say that because I had all the symptoms in Jan of the version going around and was sick really 1 day… it was the worst part, the body aches part… of course I had the 2 weeks of hacking up lung chunks but I don’t count that really…I remember when this shit started 2 years ago they talked about certain blood types were more likely/least likely to get covid… now research is showing the covid itself is causing issues with those that have had it… internal organs, brain, heart, etc… this shit was genetically designed to fuck people up just like the vax…back to the point, I remember reading a few articles before covid ever came here that scientist could design “bugs” that could target races or whoever… the things these dark land are doing could do way worse then nuclear war….

Hate to disappoint ya, sport, but it’s the CURE that’s causing the problems. The Jab is just plain dangerous.
Don’t think so? You’ll see.

China had a blood type study from two years ago.
It is on the offline Samizdat box but a certain blood type is more susceptible.
There is a disease but the enemedia hyped it up beyond all reality and I witnessed elders in tears after too much exposure to COV-Porn.

This should NOT be a surprise to anyone, at least in healthcare.

How many of us know someone who just looks at food and puts on weight?? How many of us know someone who eats everything they see (see-food diet) and are still as thin a rail as they were in high school??

The above example is genetics in action……

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