COVID news

The hospital where I work has a large number of COVID cases. I had to call the head nurse this morning and tell them that there was no more room for new patients this morning. At that point, we began discharging any patients that we could, so that we could make room for the 57 COVID patients who were being held in the ED, waiting for a bed.

Today, we had six different patients who were COVID positive die. Three of them were directly related to COVID, one was indirectly related, and two died of other causes, but were COVID positive, meaning that they will likely be classified as COVID deaths. In all six cases, the patients were at least 70 years old. Four of the six patients were more than 80 years old, with two of them being more than 85 years old. I do not know their vaccination status.

The patients on the COVID floor are being treated with donor plasma, as well as vitamins C and D, and high flow oxygen. I do not know what else they are receiving, because I am not in the COVID unit.

That is what I know.

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