I am taking a class on Critical thinking, as it is a required course for the degree I am seeking. (It seems like I am always in school at least part time.) The class has a web page, and the home page has this on it:

A scholarly study finds it was the 43rd president’s personality, not brain capacity, that limited his functional abilities. This is an important distinction. It is not that the former chief executive was incapable of learning (the “Bush is dumb” meme), but that he did not want to learn, and did not believe it was something he needed to do.

That isn’t even what the study says. Looking at the study that the Professor claims shows that the former President refused to learn, it actually said this:

[The] best studies, in which raters evaluate statements without being aware of their source, suggest that Bush lacks integrative complexity and thus views issues without nuance. The leading personality theory (the “5-Factor Model”), as measured by the NEO Personality Inventory, suggests that Bush is highly extraverted but not very agreeable or conscientious. He also rates low on “Openness to Experience.” Similarly Immelman (2002) had expert raters judge Bush’s personality using the Millon Inventory of Diagnostic Criteria. Raters identified Bush as fitting the “Outgoing,” “Dominant (Controlling),” and “Dauntless” personality patterns, which together constitute a style given to lack of reflection, superficiality, and impulsivity.

You would expect a leader of a large nation to be Dominant. You don’t choose a sniveling Beta male to lead a nation. Also, who are the “raters” that rated him? This is not a study, it is an opinion poll. The very title of the paper shows that the “study” was biased: Bush’s Brain (No, Not Karl Rove): How Bush’s Psyche Shaped His Decision Making.

Why do Liberals insist on continuing to attack George W Bush? Is that all they bring to the table? What does this have to do with a class on critical thinking?

As a side note, the number of Che shirts on campus astounds me. The fact that I saw several shirts with a hammer and sickle printed on them made me realize how Communism has died everywhere in the world, except the College Campuses of the USA.

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TOTWTYTR · May 23, 2010 at 12:47 am

That in fact IS all that liberals have. What they call critical thinking is in fact group think. They had diversity of ideas, unless it's all the different ways they can insult conservatives.

As to his mental capacity, he did learn to fly a fighter jet. A F-102 Delta Dagger, which was not an easy plane to fly. I'd like to see any of the professors do that. On the other hand, maybe they can go fly a kite instead.

Yeah, Communist Chic is alive and well on college campuses and other places where the intellect challenged congregate.

bdickens · June 1, 2010 at 6:06 pm

"You would expect a leader of a large nation to be Dominant. You don't choose a sniveling Beta male to lead a nation."


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