Make up your own mind as to how you react to a Republican congressman saying that other Republicans are terrorists because they won’t install McCarthy as speaker.

If you don’t want to get into the Octagon and get punched in the face and don’t get into the Octagon, that’s how I feel about it. I mean, this is because there’s no good faith here. The good faith has been lost. We keep talking about good faith. And then they want to play victim. No. No. So now I’m not going to apologize for harsh language. You guys know me. That’s how I am. I speak boldly. You know, and this is this is. This is terrorism tactics.


Skeptic · January 5, 2023 at 10:06 pm

If Cuckshaw is against it, I’m for it.

June J · January 5, 2023 at 10:09 pm

As a Texas I have to say I’m embarrassed by Rep. Crenshaw- both for his words against fellow Republicans and his WEF association.

Big Ruckus D · January 5, 2023 at 11:54 pm

Someone needs to skull fuck this idiot in his good eye. But that ain’t my kink, so I’m not volunteering for the job. Could probably find some hollywood libshit pervert who’ll get of on that.

    Joe Blow · January 6, 2023 at 7:20 am

    I have a really old rusty chainsaw I’ve been looking at restoring… lemme at him, LEMME AT THAT PIECE OF SHIT!!!
    These fucking fucks literally have NO IDEA that half of America wouldn’t piss on their face if it was on fire.
    11 times you keep sending this piece of shit for a vote and 11 times he gets turned down. Take the fucking hint you twats. Get out before the lynching starts.

Big Ruckus D · January 5, 2023 at 11:58 pm

And another thing: we know zioclops has money, he’s a federal rep for fuckssake. So go get a glass eye already and quit exploiting the sympathy play, you phony bastard.

Skorpion · January 6, 2023 at 12:10 am

Was Cappy Dildo the pirate reading from his WEF script?
No offense to Dildo, Newfoundland and the great Captain Dildo.
Some FUX News Brian LilQueef called them insurrectionists and then quickly walked it back.
What is Pelosi McCarthy’s take on J6? (Honk!)
O/T-Ashli Babbit remembrance day is Friday.

Brutus · January 6, 2023 at 12:43 am

I’ve seen this one before. Spoiler alert: “To Serve Man” is a cook book.

Miguel GFZ · January 6, 2023 at 4:57 am

I have been calling him Eye Patch McCaine for a long time now and with reason.
When you meet and make P.R. with the enemy, do not expect me to respect you, much less believe you

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