Here are some stories that I have from around the state. Each one was going to be its own post, but I am running out of time before they become stale:

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Steve · April 30, 2024 at 6:43 am

From his picture, that’s an officer?

WDS · April 30, 2024 at 7:44 am

Regarding that 3rd story, you know what Ms. Swan would say…

TRX · April 30, 2024 at 8:28 am

> dead baby left in dumpster

That hits local news in my state every five years or so, and national news (from elsewhere) every now and then. Almost all of them were found when a passer-by heard crying. Which would depend on the baby being alive, and crying at the time, the area being quiet enough for someone not dumpster-diving to notice it, and then deciding to make a call, unless they were agile enough and willing to climb into a full-size dumpster. Which used to take finding a phone somewhere, in the days before cellphones.

Given that, my personal guess is that it happens all the time, and 99% of the infants get compacted in the truck and dumped at landfills.

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