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Cupid Stunt

Nikki Fried is running to replace DeSantis as governor. Here is her plan:

When I am governor, I will declare a housing state of emergency. I will direct the Attorney General to halt rent hikes and designate anything over 10% as price gouging.

I will fight to repeal the state law that prohibits local governments from imposing rent control, and explore innovative ideas, like utilizing empty hotels and motels for conversion to efficiency affordable housing

I will have to take some proactive steps to ensure that I can raise rents to match my expenses. For example: the property taxes, landscaping costs, property insurance, and interest on the mortgage are all up more than 10% year over year. It isn’t price gouging to increase prices to match cost.

On top of that, she will confiscate private property and convert it into housing. Where does the governor get that authority? Will unoccupied houses or extra bedrooms be next?

I will expand Medicaid because it is the right thing to do. It’s good for Florida’s economy. It creates jobs. It’s an investment in rural hospitals. It’s an investment in our seniors. It provides critical care to those in need. And, most important of all, it saves the lives of Floridians.

Medicaid already accounts for $49 billion of Florida’s $300 billion budget. So what other things will be cut from Florida’s services to pay for this?

Under my administration,

– we will implement universal free school breakfast and lunch. 

We will locate farmer’s markets at bus stops, train stations, and other public transportation hubs
Expand my “Victory Gardens” program, which encourages local growth and unity in our communities.
Encouraging innovative transportation options. A key component of food deserts is lack of transportation.
Limiting dollar stores to slow the spread of dollar stores, especially in food deserts.

So far, all we seem to have here is a socialist wish list of giveaway programs.

I will create a Florida Civilian Conservation Corps for residents of Florida. Individuals who serve in the Corps, or through other qualifying employment, will be eligible for forgiveness of most federally-guaranteed student loans.

Does a state governor have the authority to grant student loan forgiveness?

She also claims that she will push for a Florida minimum wage of $15 an hour. This is stupid. Florida voters already voted that in, and the wage is currently $11 an hour. It increases every October 1st, until the wage is $15 an hour.

Then she takes on guns and crime:

Sending mental health professionals to non-emergency calls makes our communities safer, and allows police officers to do the hard work of preventing crime and solving cases. I will also provide funding for State and local police officers to de-escalation training.

I will finally close the gun show loophole and ban so-called “ghost guns”.

Good luck with that. There are already plenty of so-called ghost guns in this state. I may or may not have cached a few of them. I also have blueprints to build full auto SMGs from parts I can buy at any hardware store. #Resist,bitch

The rapid dissemination of misinformation has been on a steep incline since social media platforms became widely used. I will direct state resources to combating misinformation, and will hold those accountable who deliberately mislead the citizens of our state.

I wonder if you have heard of the First Amendment.

This Cupid Stunt can never be permitted to become Florida’s governor.

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And despite how stupid this all is, I bet she’ll get at least 35% of the vote simply because she has D after her name on the ballot…

Florida’s own AOC.

Governments don’t reform, they exponentially increase until they collapse. I think that’s what Jefferson meant about a ‘revolution every twenty years’. If the cycle speeds up from 200 to 20 years, the variation between the high and low points of the cycle is smaller.

You should be happy having her as governor, it discredits communist ideas sooner by the greater reduction in living standards.

I understand the increase in property taxes, insurance, and property maintenance. But the increase in interest on the mortgage? Do you have an ARM on the rental properties?

Since my rentals are owned by corporations, the mortgages have to be commercial. It wasn’t possible as a small company to get a fixed rate commercial mortgage with a low rate. For that reason, we wound up with a 15 year, 4/4 mortgage at 4.2 percent. We have paid off most of the principal so far, but were just told that our rate is adjusting to 5.9.
All of that means there will be significant rate increases, probably around 9 or 10 percent. The countertops need replacing. If they want that, the increase will have to be higher. They will have no choice but to pay it, because my rental is about 25 percent below market.

Thanks for the explanation. Makes perfect sense. Is the rate capped at some point that it can’t exceed no matter what? Sounds like you have a good plan to pay off the principal ahead of time. I wish you good success.

No cap, but it can only adjust twice. I have the money to pay it off now, but it is earmarked for other things ATM.

All the policy items that destroyed California.
What is the fixation on Florida from the faculty lounge comrades?
Trying to ruin one of the last places mostly untouched by moonbats.
Lefty isn’t clueless, they are relentless in their quest to burn it all down.

“Limiting dollar stores to slow the spread of dollar stores, especially in food deserts.”

Absolute retardation

“Food desert” my skinny yellow ass. Below is a comment from James Lafond (a veteran of decades in the Baltimore grocery store business).

Food deserts have always been known to have been created by the following process:
-1. African American merchants cannot succeed in retail because they are blatantly pillaged by their employees and customers, who know that the “black” merchant will get minimum police assistance.
-2. Merchants of other races fill the gap and are then driven from business by racial hostility as “blacks” regard their presence as evidence of federal loan favoritism and violence drives up staffing and inventory costs beyond the capacity to absorb losses.

Excerpted from here:

If you’re so inclined, go to James’ site and search “Ghetto grocer” for more tales about retail food sales in ghetto Baltimore.

Wait, why are dollar stores a problem? Other than a Dem thinking they know better for people ….

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