Three days ago, I posted about communist agitators who were sponsoring and coordinating the protests in Ferguson, New York, Baltimore, and other places. These professional agitators are being sponsored, led, and funded by a person or persons that are unknown. Their stated goal is the overthrow of the US government.

Today, there comes disturbing news that the police in Baltimore were ordered to “stand down” and allow the riots to get worse and become more violent. The story has been corroborated by the Daily Mail.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened. Back in November, the National Guard was told to stand down by the Missouri Governor. This allowed the riots to get worse. Not only that, but police in Ferguson were apparently ordered to back off and allow the riots in August to become worse.

The question that I ask about all of this:
Why are the police being ordered to allow protests and riots to become ever more violent? Where are these marching orders coming from?

The protesters are obviously being coordinated on a national scale, and now it seems like the police departments’ orders are making things worse. Are the two related?

A person may accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist, but the fact that the protesters are being coordinated on a national level is, by definition, a conspiracy. The question here is, is our government complicit in the level of violence? If so, who is issuing these orders, and why?

Here is what we know:

– It is fairly obvious that the protesters are being coordinated to stage violent uprisings on a national level.
– The stated purpose of the organizations that are sponsoring the agitators is the overthrow of the US government.
– The police and National Guard have been ordered to stand down in at least two different states. As a result of this stand down, the uprisings were more violent and destructive, and lasted longer than  they otherwise would have.

Whatever the purpose is behind this, whoever is ordering this, the implications are frightening.

Hat tip to the Bayou Renaissance Man

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