I had a couple of data breaches last month.Of course, I just went through a nasty breakup, where my supposedly Christian girlfriend was sleeping around and, according to at least one of her friends, was only with me because she found out that I am worth a pile of money. Now the data breaches may have been pure coincidence, and I cannot prove who was responsible, but I have had more data loss issues in the three months since she left than I have had since 2000, when my identity was stolen by the employee of a car dealership.

Annie Mouse advised me to change all of my bank accounts, and I did not. Instead, I simply got all new credit cards. That turns out to be a bad move on my part. It turns out that someone went on an online shopping spree after they gave the routing and account numbers from the MICR on the bottom of my checks to a Nevada credit card processing company. I lost well over a thousand dollars.

So I will spend the day tomorrow ordering checks, changing all of my direct deposit information, and other steps to secure the rest of my finances and data.

In other news, the woman that I met earlier this month is looking to be everything that the last one wasn’t. She is well educated, smart, and well established in her career. She has a Master’s Degree, and is in a professional occupation. She tries to insist on paying for half of everything, even though I have far more money than she does. Most of the time I win that battle, because I think that men should pay on dates, at least until you are a solidly exclusive couple. We have only been dating for three weeks, so who can say where this is going, but she certainly shows promise. The one thing that I enjoy the most is that this woman has it all together, and there is not a speck of drama in her life. She doesn’t need me in her life, she wants me in her life. There is a difference, and that is all the difference there needs to be.

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Annie Mouse · February 27, 2014 at 3:04 am

You said "She doesn't need me in her life, she wants me in her life. There is a difference, and that is all the difference there needs to be."
This is the difference. Go slowly. give yourself time, time to heal, time to balance.
Check your credit reports. You can get a report from each of the major companies for free once a year. You may want to consider putting a lock on your credit reports, and be notified when anyone checks it.

Borepatch · February 27, 2014 at 3:09 am

Sounds like your new lady friend is a major upgrade.

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