I have a major problem. All of my data that is in the cloud has been compromised. When the ex and I broke up, I changed the passwords on my social media accounts, financial accounts, and on my email accounts. She had access to them and the passwords for them while she was in my house, so I wanted to make sure I was secure. That, as it turns out, is probably not good enough. I have had a massive data breach.

It all started on Monday, when I noticed that there was a ‘recognized device’ that was logged into my Facebook account from Atlanta since January 28. The way that Facebook mobile works, is that once the device recognized, it is allowed to log into Facebook, even if the password is changed by the user.

The ex that just broke up with me and was cheating on me is from Georgia. So, I deauthorized the device, and checked to see who had been logged into my email accounts. According to Gmail, there were no logins that were not from my IP. I felt safer, until this morning, that is.

I was looking at the IMAP settings for my Gmail account, when I noticed that someone had set up automatic forwarding, so that every email was being forwarded to a yahoo address, and was also being left as unread in the Gmail inbox. The only way that this could have happened, is if someone with the password set it up. There is only one person that had access to my Gmail password other than me, and I will give you two guesses as to who that was.

That means that she has had the ability to read every email I have gotten up to this morning, and was reading my Facebook until Monday.

She has been trying to contact me by telephone, text message, and email for weeks. She has been contacting my friends and asking them to pass messages on to me. I finally had to pay my cell carrier $5 a month to block phone calls and texts from her number, and from numbers that do not provide their caller ID. I am running out of options, but I don’t know what else to do. What she is doing is illegal, but I cannot prove it was her.

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blogger · February 7, 2014 at 5:15 pm

Send yourself an email that contains a "Webbug" (http link that connects back to a web server that logs the IP address). See who connects, and where they connect from.

Annie Mouse · February 7, 2014 at 11:57 pm

The five dollars is worth it, maybe if you could get a restraining order too.
You changed the locks on your car?
Close out the bank account and open a new one same bank, set up any auto pays again, and get new credit cards. This woman is pure evil. You are a toy to torment. Ask your friends not to talk to her or give her any information about you. she is a stalker. She sounds unbalanced.

I would consider a home alarm system, and speak with officer who regularly patrols your area. Ask him to keep an eye out for her car or any car that is not your own.

are your doors and windows secure?
I am so sorry you have to go through this. Let all your friends know what is going on.

Can you control who friends you on face book? Do go through the friends list and see if there is anyone you do not know.

Do not answer any calls from any number or person you do not know.
Check your credit too. She most likely has all the info needed to steal your identity. Accept nothing mailed to you that you did not order. Anything sent to you in her name, refuse, do not open,do not answer your door, open it, until you know who is there. Get a security camera for front and back doors, she will eventually leave you alone. it may take awhile.
a sad truth is that whoever talks to the police first is usually believed. if your life schedule permits, adopt a large dog. One who bakrs. For at least a year, do not have any women at your house. and change all playgrounds, like bars, grocery stores, go at different times, be careful. This woman is an evil stalker. Unfortunately I knew one like her, but it was a guy. Oh, do not leave curtains open, or blinds either. No you are not trapped, she will eventually find another target. take care of yourself, if you have a yard, lock the gates. security cameras.

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