Do you know why red flag laws won’t work as they are advertised? Because the government has been collecting too much data, and have not been verifying that what they are collecting is accurate. There is an old saying in computer circles: GIGO- Garbage In, Garbage Out. A computer database cannot be more accurate than the LEAST accurate data it has been fed.

As this unfortunate man found out, the cops are not all that motivated to ensure that the information they are keeping on all of us is accurate. The result is that innocents suffer, and criminals walk free.

The real travesty here is this:

There were discrapancies, but the cops didn’t care:

“It’s up to you guys,” replied the dispatcher. “Everything else that you gave me matches. So I guess he’ll need to get it straightened out at the jail.”

They didn’t care whether or not they got the right guy. Their default is to lock you up, and let YOU figure it out.

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