A woman videotapes a man as he attempts to break into her home. He even taunts her through the glass, telling her, “no flash photography.” Then the man tries to force his way in through a door. “The suspect then began to turn the door handle and push his body against the door. The suspect then began to look into the residence,” the report stated. “The victim used her camcorder to videotape the suspect.”

Anthony Bucci has a long police record going back to 2004 when he turned 18, including arrests for prowling twice, felony burglary, misdemeanor drug possession (seven times), disorderly conduct (dropped in plea deal), loitering, resisting arrest (dropped in plea deal), and trespass. He has pled guilty to trespassing, petit theft twice, felony drug possession twice, possession of drug paraphernalia (five times), trespassing (three times), battery on a LEO, shoplifting, trespassing in an occupied dwelling (pled down from burglary to an occupied dwelling), carrying a concealed weapon not a firearm, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon (pled down in a plea deal to simple battery).   He can now add another arrest for attempted burglary of an occupied dwelling to that. That was just what I could find in the court record for Orange and Osceola County. My guess is that there is more, but the record of his juvenile record is sealed.

Considering that he appears to be getting more and more violent, and doesn’t seem to care that the homes he is breaking into are occupied, it is only a matter of time before he kills someone, and the antigun crowd will rush to blame the easy availability of guns for the killing, even though he has been charged with felonies multiple times, and misdemeanors 14 times, each time the system lets him plea the charges down, and he has yet to do any serious time. If a man is breaking in to your home, this is probably the kind of man you will be facing. Do you want to face him with a camera, or with the most effective weapon possible?

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