Roger Ebert says that the recent shootings at the Cinemark Theater prove that concealed carry doesn’t help prevent crime, because no one at the theater took out the shooter. That is a major disconnect with logic. That is like saying that a building that has a fire proves that fire extinguishers don’t work. By that same logic, police don’t prevent shootings either, so we should get rid of police.

Ebert also overlooks that Cinemark Theaters have had a long standing policy of posting their property as off limits to legal concealed carry since at least 2004. Here is an encounter that happened in 2009. Here is another that occured in 2004.

Here is a picture of the signs that are posted today. As of last month, the Cinemark closest to my house was posted as not allowing carry.

Signs demanding that guns not be brought into a store only guarantee that a killer will not be facing armed resistance. After all, if he is willing to commit murder, a sign isn’t going to stop him.

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