Shooters like defenseless victims. The recent suicide at the University of Texas is proof yet again that gun free zones do not work. Many, including myself, would like to see Colleges and Universities removed from the list of places where I cannot carry a firearm. After all, I can carry a firearm nearly anywhere else I would like to go, so what is it about a campus that will convert me from law abiding citizen to raging killer?

Have you ever noticed that these sorts of events only happen where the shooter knows that due to law or policy, there will be no armed resistance? Police say that armed citizens would only confuse what are potentially chaotic situations because the police would not know who the bad guys are versus the good guys.I call bullshit on that. Why? Because police unions supported LEOSA, which is a law allowing police and retired police to carry concealed weapons nationwide, with few restrictions. How can a responding cop tell the difference between a shooter and a plainclothed, retired cop with a gun? Exactly.

John Woods, a UT graduate student who organized an anti-gun rally last year, disagreed. He said that having more guns on campus wouldn’t improve security.
“If there were multiple students running around with guns, it would’ve made the police’s job a lot harder this morning,” Woods said Tuesday. He was a student at Virginia Tech University in 2007 when a gunman killed 32 people, including Woods’ girlfriend. 

 Because having an unarmed victim zone at Virginia Tech worked out so well. The law banning carry didn’t stop the VT shooter, why would it? John Woods, other than being an unarmed, defenseless target, what experience do you have that would support your stupid, idiotic opinion?

What the police are demanding is that YOU are disarmed, so that they can enter the scene and not have to make a decision based on intelligence and reason, they merely want to be able to shoot everyone who appears to have a weapon.

The criminals have guns. The cops have guns. In the middle are the defenseless students, fish in a barrel.