In the Florida retirement community of the Villages, there was a defensive shooting at an Applebee’s restaurant early on Tuesday morning. Details are sketchy, but the story seems to be that it was a defensive shooting. The story is that there was some sort of an altercation outside the restaurant, possibly involving shots fired. One of those involved in the altercation entered Applebee’s restaurant through a side employees-only door after the restaurant had closed. Another man already in the restaurant, who was waiting for an employee to get off duty and has a concealed weapons permit was armed and shot the man who entered the restaurant. The man, who was shot three times, died at the scene.

The decedent, has not yet been identified. Police are attempting to determine his identity using a fingerprint scanner. Police have not released additional details about either altercation: the initial gunshots heard outside the restaurant, nor the shooting inside of the restaurant. There is also no information regarding potential arrests in either case.

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Jester · March 7, 2023 at 10:17 pm

Something is off here if the dead fellow was let in though an employee though the employee enterance. If true. Why lock all the doors and call 911 due to someone shooting outside then let the guy causing the problems in anyway? For sure would be nice to know the full story and I’d bet there’s a possiblity of an inside job going on if the guy was let in. The place likely has a few cameras that can assist with the story.

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