They are furious that the Republican Senate is about to confirm ACB. They are claiming that the refusal to fill Scalia’s seat is ‘court packing’ and somehow wrong. 

The Democrats could have selected Scalia’s replacement in 2016, and the accusation is that the Republicans wouldn’t allow his selectee to be voted upon. That is pure BS. The Obama administration could have had Scalia’s replacement in 2016. All they had to do was offer a replacement that was not a hard core leftist. If they had offered a more centrist candidate, the Republicans would have likely approved. The reason is that the Republican Senate would have approved a left leaning centrist, rather than wait to see the hard core leftist that HRC was going to nominate. 

But Obama didn’t do that. Why not?

You see, everyone who mattered thought that Hillary was going to be the next President. The Democrats believed it so much, they decided to stick to the extremist pick on the theory that HRC was going to ram through a leftist candidate to replace Scalia and swing the court to the left. 

The Republicans, with nothing to lose, decided to call the bet and see what was in the cards.

The Democrats went all in on an HRC victory. Trump’s win destroyed all of that. During the primaries, the Democrats could look and see that they were likely not going to win the 2020 Presidential elections. They knew that and were going to cheat their way to a Biden victory, boot Biden out of office using the 25th Amendment and place Kamala Harris in the Whitehouse as the first female President. RBG could retire and be replaced with a younger woman, who would likely serve on SCOTUS for 40 or 50 years. 

Then RBG died. 

Now the Democrats are going to lose the Presidency, their hope of having the first Female President, and they are going to lose the Supreme Court. 

That, frankly, pisses them right the fuck off.  

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TechieDude · October 23, 2020 at 2:19 pm

Screw those guys.

From the nanosecond Obama took the oath he had a tough-shit-I-won, I'll do what I want attitude. He didn't feel that he needed to cultivate relationships on the other side of the aisle. Everything the man did was an In-Your-Face to the other side, and half the country.

They got a chance to stick it in, stiff and dry, and they did.

Far as RBG goes, she should've retired long ago. Why waste the last years of your life? After Obama nominated two functional law retards to the bench, I can see where she'd want to hold out. She rolled and got snake eyes.

What I think is funny was Obama's flat out laziness in appointing judges. He left Orangeman a huge number of slots to fill. And thanks to Dingy Harry, the republicans have been filling them.

They are losing the judicial branch. I think they know it.

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