In my county, Republicans outnumber Democrats more than 2:1. Here are some things that surprised me about my area:

All voters:

24% Democrat   57% Republican  19% No party affiliation 

84% White 6% Hispanic 4% black 7% other

43% Men 54% women 3% other or unknown (chose not to say when they registered)

White voters: 

59% Republican     21% Democrat   19% No party affiliation  

Among registered Black voters:

80% are Democrat     11% are no party affiliation   8 % Republican

Among Hispanic Voters:

35% Republican   34% Democrat   30% No party affiliation

I knew that the Democrats considered the Black voting bloc to be in their pocket, but I had no idea that it was so overwhelming. In fact, it is more pronounced among black women:

Democrat 86 %    Republican 4%    Other and No party affiliation: 10%

This explains why elections have become about race. 

29 percent of registered voters in my county have requested absentee ballots. There are more absentee ballots than there are registered Democrats. 

Even though early voting is only 2 days old, more than a third of the county has already voted. I plan on voting on Thursday. 

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