For months, we have been hearing how their safety is more important than your freedom during a pandemic. That’s why you should get the jab. For years, we have been hearing how their perception of safety is more important than your ‘hobby’ which is why guns need to be outlawed.

YOUR safety and the safety of the nation’s blood supply? Well, that doesn’t matter. Their hobby of shoving cocks in their asses is more important, as they demand their ‘right’ to donate blood in the middle of an HIV pandemic.

Follow the science, indeed.

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Jonathan · August 16, 2021 at 9:35 am

Safety only matters to Dems when it advances their agenda…
I used to donate regularly, but the Red Cross finally got too stupid and annoying for me, so I stopped.
They constantly change the rules for donation and don’t publicise the changes. At one time I knew of 3 different lists of reasons for deferral…
It appears that they change the rules whenever they need to limit supply to claim a shortage and justify more grants and fundraising.

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