Yesterday, there was a shooting during a protest in Denver. A member of Patriot Muster was shot and killed. Here, you see the victim (left) and his killer, engaged in a physical altercation:

In response to getting bitch slapped, the killer begins to draw a firearm:

the victim then sprays his soon to be killer with a chemical defense spray:

If you look at the above picture, you see the pistol firing and the spent case about 4 inches above the pistol. Zooming in on the victims face, it looks as though the bullet is piercing the right lens of the victim’s sunglasses. 
The police had the shooter in custody immediately after the shooting. Within an hour, they had announced that the shooter was a contracted Pinkerton security guard for a local news station, WUSA9. Police deny that he has Antifa connections. 

4chan quickly identified him as Matthew Robert Dolloff by comparing arrest reports to social media accounts. They also identified the tattoo that he has as being one popular with Antifa.

Here is what I could find out about him with a bit of research:

He has a HAM radio technician license KE0 NKL, which he has had since 2017. 

He lives in Elizabeth, CO, which is about 40 miles from Denver. 

He was a member of Occupy Denver in 2011, and even made the news. 

Others have found him on Twitter.

He has a long list of pro-Antifa posts from his Facebook page. 

I also found this during my search

Just because you are working as a security guard doesn’t mean that you don’t have Antifa leanings. 

While this appears like a revenge killing more than self defense (How dare you slap me!) This shows that my advice about avoiding Antifa battleground cities is valid. 

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TCK · October 12, 2020 at 7:01 am

We need a coast-to-coast lamppost decorating party, sooner rather than latter.

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