My son’s girlfriend wants to go to nursing school, so they have been looking at a few schools in the area. Yesterday, they went to tour the campus of a local college to see how the place was. Since Florida law prohibits the carrying of weapons on a college campus, my son decided to leave his pistol at home, rather than leave it in the car while he was in the school. That almost cost him dearly.

As they were walking across the parking lot on the way back to their car, another car pulled up behind them, and the window rolled down. The black male driver leaned out and told them “get your white ass out of my way, honky” and then told him to keep his “cracker ass” on the white side of town where he belonged. My son replied, telling the driver to kiss his ass.

My son made his way to his car, and the other driver pulled up, got out of his car with a tire iron, and attacked my son’s car. It easily could have been him instead of his vehicle that was damaged.

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