There is a bit of a scandal involving a politician who is running for office, with several women who are accusing him of sexual impropriety from forty years ago. There are those in Congress who claim that they will remove him from office if he is elected.

The left is trying to convince the American people that President Trump needs to be impeached. They claim that, should the Democrats reestablish a majority in Congress during the midterm elections, they will impeach the President.

What is happening here is the disenfranchising of the voters. They are saying that the voters are not smart enough to elect their own representatives and, since they are obviously smarter and better than you, they will select your leaders for you. (Not a mistake there- the same who view you as unqualified to vote also view your elected representatives as your leader.)

If Congress is to simply impeach anyone with whom they disagree, then why vote at all? Why not simply let Congress choose? The fall of this nation continues.

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