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Disinformation Bureau Not Dead

Don’t look now, but the Biden Ministry of Truth is an idea that has not yet died.

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We all knew it would be rebranded or black budgeted.
Comrade commissar Skeletor Chertoff (CPUSA) won’t be going anywhere.
The quote by Benjamin Franklin about those who would deny liberty will start with speech comes to mind.

Well, some of us did.
And some celebrated, The Digital Bitch, “allegedly” going away.

She got so famous that she’s on TV
She’s got a professional smile
But I switch over ’cause she ain’t for me
She disturbs me all the while

Enjoy if ya get it🧐

It’s a distraction from something else. Maybe the WHO vote? After all rebranding Blackhawk down 2.0 didn’t generate much buzz, nor the false flag “Mass Shooting” Biden the “Great Consoler” act also failed to generate much buzz.

Seems Ukraine is winding down until Raytheon needs a new stock boost or the Dems need a big distraction. Even our outrage about lack of baby formula and 40Billion for Ukraine seems muted.

Going to be a long hot summer. As Ole Remus used to say

“Stay away from crowds”

Hard to get caught up in a false flag event if you’re not in a crowd. Just saying. If you must go to that mass music event, know your exits and have a family plan.

Oh, and plant more potatoes. Holodomor is coming. And If I’m wrong (and pray I am) what did you lose but a bit of lawn, some physical exercise and some extra to eat?

Who didn’t see that comin? Raise your Keyboard.
A Rabid animal …is a Rabid animal and thats a Typical Government Tactic.

They Do Not Give Up Power and Control, EVER.

Everyone thats gonna Vote Harder, Raise your Keyboard.
A Show of Keyboards Please.

They do not give up power and control. Howsoever…

The EndThis War of the past 20+ years has provided us with lots of veterans. Time for a reenactment of the Battle of Athens? Question of the millennium.

I sometimes wonder if there are enough Americans not brainwashed by the edumacation system and (wo)man enough to stand up and fight for this great country. Things are looking up a little, but the fascists are willing to kill all of us to further their evil, the question is, are we?

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