Disney has a no weapons policy for everyone. If they find out you have a weapon on their property, they do their best to have you arrested. Since many of the deputies that are on property are working there as a side job while wearing their taxpayer supplied uniform, weapon, and radio, and are standing there doing their employer’s (Disney’s) bidding while being covered in the qualified immunity afforded to police officers, the person caught with a weapon on property is often arrested for SOMETHING, and then trespassed.

Of course, when their employers are accused of an actual crime like pedophilia or distribution and possession of child pornography, they are given a free pass.

This policy leaves guests and employees defenseless against criminals. This explains why the critters have started robbing Disney employees who are on their way home.

I go to the theme parks. I carry a gun. That is exactly why.

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SiGraybeard · March 29, 2014 at 8:07 pm

I take the opposite tack: I carry but don't give the Rat my money.

On a related kind of note, I work for a place that is a "weapon free zone" that even says "not in the parking lot". If I ever don't have a knife in my pocket it's because I brain-farted and forgot. And a friend who's in the process of retiring told me that when she was a manager a few months ago, everyone realized that they couldn't legally do a thing about gun left in a car.

Might help that the director of engineering played IDPA in his spare time!

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