AS the year ends, the thoughts of many Americans turn to taxes.The new one for this year is the Obamcare tax. I choose not to have insurance, because a $300 a month insurance bill for a policy that doesn’t pay a dime until the $6,000 deductible is met just doesn’t make financial sense.

There is a way to get out of the Obamacare tax, as there are 14 reasons to receive a hardship exemption. Here they are:

 The easy route, using #3:
1 Do not pay one month’s utility bill each quarter
2 wait for shut off notice
3 pay bill the next day, before utility is actually shut off
4 mail shut off notices in to IRS
5 receive exemption, save hundreds or thousands of dollars

 or #8:
1 Don’t pay medical bill
2 Send copy of unpaid bill to IRS

or be vague, and use #14…

There is an application, which can be downloaded as a PDF here. From

Hardship exemptions are usually provided for the month before the hardship, the months of the hardship, and the month after the hardship. However, the Marketplace may provide the exemption for additional months after the hardship, including up to a full calendar year.

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