Don’t keep membership lists

Lists are easy to hack, easily leaked, and make it far too easy for publically unknown members to be doxxed. The people outed in this article have just seen their lives destroyed.

Of course, it can work both ways. Sign lefties up for things where, once outed, it could be problematic. Imagine your local leftie gun banner as a member of NAMBLA or the Aryan Brotherhood.

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I’m surprised that no one has done this to the KKK. I bet AB doesn’t have a central server, if they have one at all! …. And you can’t just sign someone up for them, but it’d be interesting to sign Liberals up for the NRA, Heritage Foundation, other groups… It appears some people were signed up to Ashley Madison this way several years ago

It’s been done. Just the number of KKK members is far smaller, faaaaaar smaller than people are led to believe.

Funny thing is, the KKK members fully understand that a decent portion of them are Feds or fed informers.

And, really, what has the KKK done lately, like in the last 40 years?

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