A staffer for Marco Rubio was attacked merely for being a Republican. It wasn’t enough that they put him in the hospital. Now the communists and their lackeys in the MSM are adding insult to injury. ABC news in Miami has decided to doxx him. It turns out that his name is Javier Lopez, a 22 year old staffer Christopher Monzon, a canvasser for the Rubio campaign. ABC news takes it one step further and calls him a “white supremacist.”

Sören Kierkegaard wrote, “Once you label me, you negate me.” This is exactly what the left is doing. The label that they have found most effective is “Racist.” There are others. They accuse gun owners of having a small penis. They accuse parents of being terrorists and abusers.

It’s an effective tactic. It not only forces the person labeled to defend themselves from the accusation, but also allows the person and their family to be targeted by the communists’ black bloc enforcers. This young man and his family will be targeted at work, at the store, and at school. Your job, your spouse’s job both forfeit. Your kids will be bullied at school. You may even have physical security threats at home.

Look at what they have done to George Zimmerman, the original white supremacist Hispanic. The lesson there worked as intended, with people afraid to report crimes or confront criminals for fear of being labeled and negated.

I have been hit with that label pretty often. It’s a tool used to silence and negate others. It’s a weak argument.

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J J · October 25, 2022 at 8:22 pm

“They” are going to keep calling anyone a racist until one day it is demonstrated to them there are consequences to the slurs you throw out casually at people who you disagree with.

Charles Curtis · October 25, 2022 at 8:49 pm

I think the best thing to do is to own their labels. Lean into them, in other words. I’m white, am? Yeah, okay, if you like. I *am* whiter than white, and being white is f*n awesome. I’m right wing? Alt right, even? Alright. You are right, I am right. You say I’m inadequately endowed? What seven in.. Sorry, How much would be enough for you, anyhow?? Are you more vacuous than a cow?

Chamber Of Commerce Golf Course · October 25, 2022 at 10:07 pm

He joins Zimmerman in an exclusive club.
You mean all those South Americans will still vote for what they escaped?
Don’t tell the Grand Old Politburo true believers.

O/T-FLA orange crop down by 32%.

Michael · October 26, 2022 at 12:07 am

The race card is “othering” people as in the steps to genocide.

Doxing needs to be added to the steps of genocide.

Both create in the minds of otherwise not harmful people the justification that YOU Should be Punished. The Goblins need no such programming.

It’s NOT Weak when your house is ablaze, and goblins are shooting your family fleeing it.

Welcome to South Africa white farmer (aka Boer)

    mike · October 26, 2022 at 9:18 am

    “It’s NOT Weak when your house is ablaze, and goblins are shooting your family fleeing it.
    Welcome to South Africa white farmer (aka Boer)”

    Your observations are not without merit, but this is not South Africa. With the exception of parts of the deep South, they are not the majority here, and the rural areas of this country are brimming with arms. You could maybe get away with burning a farm and shooting down the occupants once or twice, but once that happens the Marquess of Queensberry rules are out the window. I also say “maybe” they can pull it off because the odds of them picking an un-armed and defenseless rural target at random are not great. That would require a little prior planning, and they suck at that.
    Whites in SA are only a few thousand people and are 10% of the total population at best. In short, the demographic percentages are nearly or better than opposite in the 2 examples and the scale is no where near comparable.
    For them to attempt a racial insurrection on the heritage population in the SA style would be suicide. The dead would be piled in heaps along the roadsides. I agree that it will probably happen, but most likely they would be carried into it by events rather than prior planning. Launching a murderous campaign on an armed and agitated rural population by accident, uncontrolled fury, or out of desperation is not a recipe for success. Anyone actually planning one would do the math, look at the map, and conclude that political agitprop in a functioning political system is a better idea than attempted Rwanda. Unfortunately for them, looking at maps and doing math is a white thing.

      Michael · October 26, 2022 at 10:13 am

      Mike, please expand on the noble thought that Americans will defend each other.

      Give some examples that I must have missed over the last few years.

      So far, the leftist are doing the violence and we are making bold internet nonsense.

      If you study history, you’d be amazed how many times the minority drove the majority off the cliff.

      Bolsheviks are laughing at us brave keyboard warriors as they write the laws that crush us.

        mike · October 26, 2022 at 1:04 pm

        >>Mike, please expand on the noble thought that Americans will defend each other.

        Do you plan to let them burn your place down and shoot your family?

        >>Give some examples that I must have missed over the last few years.
        >>So far, the leftist are doing the violence and we are making bold internet nonsense.

        So far, all they have done is burn and loot their own neighborhoods. They have been doing that as long as anyone alive can remember, and it is not reason enough for those of us who are smart enough not to live and work there to do much more than yawn. What has started to change is local politicians allowing them to drive off the police and go unpunished, which encourages that kind of thing and likely causes it to expand. This brings us back to you. Your argument suggests that you are planning to do nothing when they come to kill you and your family. If that is not the case, why do you presume that you are the only person in a country of hundreds of millions who is inclined to exercise the right to self defense?

          Michael · October 26, 2022 at 8:15 pm

          Mike I expected a better response. I’ve family that lived with the Portland OR Antifa frolics for a couple of months before they sold their business and home at a loss to restart elsewhere.

          Not exactly Antifa’s own neighborhood getting attacked nightly for what over a year?

          My family told me exactly what they did to a few families that choose to defend themselves. Not seen on TV stuff. Discouraged others from acting “Brave” or as Portland Mayor said acting like vigilantes.

          Why didn’t my family leave earlier? Hindsight being 20-20 and all that they didn’t know that CONgress and Department of InJustice would have encouraged such 3rd world street army stuff.

          So again, I didn’t see you answering my question about decent Americans defending each other. Why? Maybe there isn’t any to point out sad to say. Better to stay out of “Other People’s Troubles”.

          THAT’s how a few motivated political action groups run the masses off the cliff.

          IF you go a hunting of the Political PROTECTED Class, the Political and their Police will go a hunting for you and yours. Ask Rittenhouse of Kenosha fame about that.

          BTW there were OTHER folks also armed with AR’s from Kyles group but they did nothing. Curious, eh?

          My argument said NOTHING about not defending myself. My argument was EXPECT to be treated like the Boer and have governmental forces assisting (or at best turning a blind eye) the antifa-Burn Loot Murder street army.

          Or as that Kangaroo Meme goes “Once you start killing them things get difficult”.

          It’s not a video game when a firebomb tied to a brick comes into your shops window. It’s really bad when your home is above that shop and fire department isn’t responding due to street violence. Happily, that time they had enough fire extinguishers and luck to save the shop.

          I’ll defend myself thank you for your concern BUT I also understand once you start harming the “Protected Classes” that the Gov.com will be hunting you instead of the street thugs.

TCK · October 26, 2022 at 1:51 am

So, the Democrat Party tried to murder his staffer in cold blood, and now they doxxed him so their blackshirts can come after him and his family, and DeSantis has done NOTHING.

Guess we have an answer to how much of ‘patriot’ he is.
And some people actually wonder why America is fucked.

    Divemedic · October 26, 2022 at 6:34 am

    The man who did the attacking is arrested. The news orgs are protected by the 1A. I don’t see where there is anything else DeSantis CAN do at this point.

      Aesop · October 26, 2022 at 7:16 am

      They’re most certainly not protected by the 1st Amendment.
      He merely lacks the deep pockets to give them the libel lawsuit they deserve.

        Divemedic · October 26, 2022 at 7:42 am

        In order for a statement to be libelous, you have to prove three elements:
        1 The statement was made with malice and intent to harm
        2 The statement was known to be false by the person making it
        3 The statement caused the person harm
        Additionally, the person that is the subject of the statement can’t be a public figure. The rules are different for them.

        The second point above is the problem. If they can show that he was toting a Confederate flag at protests or that he was part of white supremacist groups, libel isn’t going to fly. The paper will be able to say “Well, we *believed* he was a white supremacist because he was attending all of their functions while carrying a Confederate flag.”

      TCK · October 26, 2022 at 4:08 pm

      Inciting violence is not free speech.
      Inciting terrorism is not free speech.
      And even if they WERE protected for it, the demonrats have already established that just because something is protected by the Bill of Rights, doesn’t mean the gov’t isn’t allowed to throw you prison without bail and torture you for years on end. Those soulless inhuman monsters don’t get to complain if their victims start holding them to the same rules of engagement they gleefully created.

Steve S6 · October 26, 2022 at 8:50 am

Name calling. Case of careful what you ask for.
Also part of “othering”.

Anonymous · October 27, 2022 at 7:36 am

@ Michael.

I hear you brother. But you are talking Antifa now and not the goblin mobs . This WAS a discussion of goblins getting off of the reservations and conducting a South African style anti-white genocide on the majority population I understand the militant white Left is allied with them at the moment and they often act in unison, but they are not the same and need to be spoken of in different terms. For one thing , the armed militant Left is organized and has an indentifiable leadership. They are much more likely to plan their actions ahead of time

    Michael · October 27, 2022 at 8:06 am

    What pray tell is the difference between the Politically Protected Goblins (Maybe catch and release without bail) coming back for revenge and antifa? One is better funded by the Democrats and better trained?

    My point stands, under the current “Woke” rules of engagement self-defense IS A FEDERAL HATE CRIME.

    They will remove your case from local judges that might not be “Woke” and take them to a Judge more willing to Defend the Goblin’s CIVIL RIGHTS.

    Never mind said Goblin has a Rap sheet decades long like Saint George of Fentanyl.

    When things get very spicy being in prison isn’t a good SHTF plan.

    We are currently living under a low grade LawFare situation where delf defense isn’t always legal and if the Feddies get involved almost guaranteed to become a Hate Crime BS.

    Plan for the battle field you have not the wild west we’d prefer.

      Max · October 27, 2022 at 9:26 am

      Right. That’s why Kyle Rittenhouse was convicted and is currently sitting in jail. Why are you cucks always so ready to spew doom and gloom?

        Michael · October 27, 2022 at 2:58 pm

        Max, yes Kyle did get free of the federal trap. How many months of his life was tied up in that little exercise? How many 10 of Thousands of dollars in legal fees that btw only OUR Donations managed to cover.

        Now do you hope to become famous like Kyle and get Go Fund Me to pay for your legal issues?

        Other questions are best applied to the January 6th Folks that are STILL IN Gulag until they CONFESS to a crime and receive sentencing.

mike · October 27, 2022 at 9:01 am


I understand your point of view, but this was a discussion about the goblins getting off of the reservations and conducting a nationwide South Africa style genocide on the majority population,
My comments were narrowly focused upon that and that alone. Adding the armed militant white Left into the discussion is reasonable, but widens the topic considerably. They are after all different creatures with different approaches that are allied at the moment, but liable to have a falling out due to the unnatural nature of that alliance. I don’t see that alliance holding together in the circumstances of a WROL/SHTF open conflict. They use each other to maximize participation in each others actions, but they often dispute the leadership and objectives of these actions. It would take a considerable essay for me to expand upon why I see that cooperation ending.
The specifics of the hybrid ANtifa/Blm riots you cite in places like Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, and elsewhere are still relatively localized incidents. It is not any comfort to you or your relatives I’m sure, but it is still under the threshhold of triggering a response from unaffected people outside riot area. We are after all talking about cities and states with long term communist governance, voted in time and again by the communist population. I’m going to take the liberty of speaking broadly and state that most of us on the Heritage American side of this conflict regard these area as enemy territory and that the locals are getting the logical consequences of what they have sown. The police state overwatch these terrorists enjoy is indeed real and formidable. Most of us have figured that into the equation of how this will all play out, and will act accordingly when required. That does not involve driving to the other side of the country to carry out some kind of Rittenhouse posturing or other such pointless activity.
The root of your compliant that the Heritage population will not defend itself, originally couched under the prospect of a racial genocide, is that someone ELSE has not acted violently to put an end to these riots. That is not going to happen if the at risk population being attacked is communist in nature, living under communist governance, and is ideologically sympathetic to they very people attacking them. You will notice BLM/Antifa have made very little effort to initiate any serious violent action anywhere where the right to self defense is still protected by Constitutionalist governance. Do you suppose there is a reason for that? of course there is. In places like that, approaching an occupied dwelling with an incendiary will get you and your associates shot dead on the spot with no legal problems for the defender. As it should be. In a WROL situation, and your hypothetical genocide from earlier would certainly qualify, there is not going to be a lot of thought given to potential legal consequences of a lethal self defense action if the law and its enforcement mechanism no longer exist. So yes, heaps of dead will line the roads if that happens and they try it.

Isolated Heritage people still living in these Communist jurisdictions have a hard choice to make. it comes down to leave or do your own interdicting, which is a considerable undertaking in a non-permissive environment. These problems may all be rooted in the worldwide Marxist conspiracy, but the only workable approach for the common Heritage individual at this time is to pick an advantageous location, make the required preparations, and wait. All actions will be local.

    Michael · October 27, 2022 at 3:07 pm

    Mike I hear you and agree to most of your thoughts.

    If the Fed Gov has no real jurisdiction in your area, you are correct. In areas the Government chooses to create jurisdiction in your area THEIR rules of Hate Crime and such BS rules. A Sherriff has great power but can be betrayed by political leadership of the area “calling for Fed assistance”.

    There is a sudden change in rules of my engagement if Feddie’s are supporting the goblins. Otherwise, it’s a free fire zone. The problem is if the Feds decide post event some protected species had their Civil Rights violated.

      mike · October 28, 2022 at 8:09 am

      The Federal overwatch game is understood. The weaponization of the rule of law at all levels to aid and abet enemy action while at the same time inhibiting or punishing a Heritage response is criminal. That condition has been able to exist because there remains a semblance of normalcy. It is a delicate balancing act for them to maintain that without going too far and losing all credibility. It is still a somewhat limited phenomenon at the moment that is most commonly seen where the local DA is a Soros plant and the local government is run by marxists. There are examples in the news every day where people exercise lethal self defense against criminal goblins and are not charged. There are also regular videos of police shootings of same that were completely justified and there was no retaliation against the officers. It is just not the case that anyone defending themselves from negro savagery with a reasonable level of force will be automatically prosecuted for hate crimes of civil rights violations. Even if that were to be true, people are still going to defend themselves first and worry about the law later. If it ever gets to the point you envision where the goblins have universal criminal immunity and license to murder backed up by federal power, then that would be the end of government and the rule of law in this country.
      We appear to be in store for a taste of that with the new criminal code reforms in Illinois coming online in January. If the goblins get the impression they are immune from arrest and prosecution, they may run a little wild. I predict that if they do, they will keep it pretty close to the reservations and not take the show on the road to the rural areas. In any event, the absurdity of it all only serves to delegitimize the police and government in the eyes of the general population. Once enough people stop caring what the government is going to do, the government suddenly finds itself without any power at all.

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