When I saw the article about the California firefighter shot and killed while fighting a dumpster fire, this jumped out at me as odd:

Stockton police said a 67-year-old man had been detained and a weapon recovered.

No description, no name of a suspect, nothing. When you see that, it usually means…

Yep. That’s what I thought. It seems that whenever the press dodges making a description, it usually is for a reason.

This post is not a comment on the shooting itself, as there are too few details available on what happened to draw any conclusions. Instead, this post is intended to point out that the press always seems to cover up stories that involve certain demographics.

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Kalifornia-CCP · February 3, 2022 at 12:55 pm

WTF? Why would you shoot at people coming to help and potentially save your life besides mental illness.
All of those institutions are closed out in the land of fruits and nuts.
That would be similar to opening fire on the paramedics as they pull up.
The Rodney King riots is the first time I had heard of it [shooting at firemen]but it probably goes back to 1960’s Watts riots.
Arm up and walk the flank.

D.C. · February 3, 2022 at 1:19 pm

Another piece of evidence that the only credible theory is conspiracy, a conspiracy to destroy the very underpinnings of our civilization.
None of this is happenstance. It is for purpose.
An almost inconceivable to us good folks, an organization, of an unholy number of actors, hellmouth’s minions and sycophants, who have infested every facet in the sphere of our Republic, even our lives, hiding in plain sight, whose purpose is to undermine subvert and destroy our western culture.
We are in their way. They been at this since before we pulled off the only successful slave revolt. They intend to get back what we took from them that is their’s in their thinking by some divine rights of kings or gods or some kind of tyrant.
But its the process of Genocide here and now. By any means possible.

Great thing though, they ain’t been very successful, for all those they made subjects, have made into servants and slaves and minions, is akin to culling and hybridizing the true bloods, aka, K Strategists. It is happening everywhere, the K Strategist’s are rising up. Pretty soon all the surrender monkeys, all who have taken council from their fears, everyone who has given it up as hopeless and futile, will no longer matter, as the true bloods become legion, a plurality that can not be stopped or reasoned with, and will not stop till they decide to.

It’s really American’s who the enemy has tagged with the stigmata of domestic terrorists, in their twisted way they actually are telling the truth for a change, kinda like calling our property, our Rifles, assault rifles, because they are fearful we will soon terrorize them, assault them, for what they are doing to us. Rightfully so. Its not social engineering rocket science of conspiracy theory, its only the truth.

This foreign invader was put up by something very evil that lurks, to kill that fireman, as one act in a systemic organized 4G war strategy of LIC, as low intensity conflict is the most effective, lowest labor method, and cheapest form of tactics in the “Protracted Struggle” warfare handbook.
Of course the yellow media, the pulitzer/rhodes 5th column branch of protracted struggle is essential, for spreading fear, weaponizing it really, and creating/sowing doubt, discontent, producing an underlying sense of disquiet and feelings of helplessness, unsettled being, and perceptions of loss of safety and refuge from evil. It’s to beat up on us with an illusion that all is lost and we no longer are masters of what we purvey, our lives, our property, our livelihoods and our wealth-prosperity, that the world is turned on its head, and nothing we can do to set things aright.

Yeah, murder Firemen in cold blood using foreign invaders. Sounds like the thinking of a vast evil machine to me. What is a more Mom & Apple Pie symbol of wholesome Safe America than Firemen?

And thats another strategy, unlimited unrestricted alien invasion. Thru history this has led to war, there are no instances in western history of alien invasion which has not resulted in war. Never mind it has been used as proxy invasion and war by evil humans in many of the most terrible instances of unrestricted migration invasion, that right there is pretty darn good proof of the motives and intent of the election coup regime currently occupying what passes for a federal government.

It’s a serious pickle for this cabal, events are rushing towards a confluence of good folks standing their ground in no uncertain terms, without resorting to armed violent defiance and resistance, which we know to our bones is of course a resort of lasts, that our greatest weapons are I Won’t! and withdrawal of our consent, verses the regime that is rapidly losing its illusions of plausible deniability and legitimacy, which under that veil, their false front, all they have for power is what we once gave them thru our ignorance of their evil and our high trust cultural imperatives and codes. Our great virtues of prudence too. But more so, the collectivist’s power to hurt. It is the raw naked unequivocal power to hurt good folks right where it hits us hardest, our enemy must resist resorting too, but nonetheless it will, exactly cause its all they got.

This is the inflection point. What we must avoid, till its proper and legitimate in entirety, and what they must avoid in order not to expose and reveal themselves as a vast organized criminal cabal of almost inconceivable size and numbers to us good folks, in their scale and scope and how they infest everything is so outside our reference point and our personal thinking paradigm. Good folks simply do not, we do not even think of, doing such things.

As its said how timing is everything. And what this ruthless organization of traffickers in everything unholy do not understand is just how mean us good folks get when our codes are ruthlessly violated.
We ain’t 100 million armed to the effing teeth good folks because its a hobby or something. We and our friends and family and tribes, we know something is terribly wrong, but what exactly no, but its something so depraved, that whatever it is is very evil, its operating along the fringes of the shadows and it means to do us in and eliminate us in every way conceivable, and as we see with our own eyes, ways that where inconceivable. Where. Key word. But no longer.

The awesome thing is good folks like us we become manifest, we turn from being legion, to A Legion. We don’t like to, we instinctively know once we do, nothing will be the same, that just to be left alone is inadequate, and you got to do what needs doing, there’s nothing else for it, that those things worth fighting for and dying for if needs be are our ultimate duty and responsibility. Ours and ours alone. Its always been so.
Another great thing is we are people who accomplish the impossible.
In a certain cold hard reality, we have been given an opportunity that comes but once if it does, in an age, we get to determine our destiny, as in it is not a republic the first successful slaves handed to us, but a legacy. An evolving one, and how whats going on in the larger scope is the evolution of Liberty both ordered and individual, as Liberty actually became something for the first time in all of human history we understood as an unalienable inseparable, a totally intertwined component of who and what we are, as Freemen and American’s.

How do you even begin to destroy that?
Well it seems we are experiencing a myriad of possible ways its possible, but will result in the demise, the utter failure of those trying to wreck our great country and murder everyone of us good folks who hold these truths of ourselves sacred and indomitable.

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