Don’t think for a second that this isn’t being done to influence elections:

The CNN reporter is trying to paint DeSantis as the bad guy because Lee county didn’t order mandatory evacuations until 24 hours before Ian made landfall. DeSantis is replying that everyone up to that point was calling for a Tampa landfall. This is what the cone looked like on Monday night. Note that Ft Meyers isn’t in the cone, and the NWS was calling for a Tampa landfall. Note also that Ft Meyers is only under a Tropical Storm warning (in blue) and not a hurricane warning (in red) :

The second point here is this: Why do people wait for the government to tell them to get out? Can’t people think for themselves? If you believe that a deadly storm is headed for your barrier island, why wait for someone else to tell you what to do?

This is our supposedly neutral press playing games in order to help Joe Biden, because DeSantis has been owning his wrinkled, senile ass for months and everyone believes that DeSantis is a real threat to his election chances in 2024.

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Russell G. · October 3, 2022 at 7:06 am

From where I sit, 40 miles from landfall and smack dab in the middle of 85mph eye wall wind for 1.5 hours, I’m seeing most (and I really mean MOST) people are totally unprepared for ANYTHING. It’s pathetic for Lee county that is 80 percent red team. FFS…

You can’t fix stupid.

Tampa radio stations were all we could basically get in SWFL, because the antenna farms on St Rt 31 got totally whacked, and the Soros “They shoulda warned us more” operatives were out in force on the call-ins. These Marxist script bots were claiming to be “homeowners”. Friggin’ absolutely pathetic.

Irma did the same GD thing…made an unpredicted right turn and came up Lehigh Acres 15 miles from us. That gave us 115 mph winds. The difference was that Irma moved faster. That’s the only difference. Sustained winds are completely different in terms of structural stress loads.

Preppers will be preppers, and mouthbreathers will be mouthbreathers.

This is pure unadulterated Natural Selection you are watching.

Beans · October 3, 2022 at 12:10 pm

And this is the reason many choose to evacuate (or try to) at the last minute. Because you just don’t know where the damned thing is going to hit.

Storm surge on Sanibal Island, 24 hours prior to hitting, was supposed to be 3-5 feet. Not 10 to 20 like they got.

By the time the final landing was determined, it was really almost too late for people.

Doesn’t excuse them not having supplies and being ready to hunker down safely or evac to above the old dune lines (go to any barrier island, then drive to the mainland, as you hit the mainland the land rises to ancient dune line levels, which are usually 5-15′ above the heights of the barrier islands. And, really stupid, many of the barrier islands were leveled to make flat building divisions, rather than building on higher ground (with the added bonus that developers could sell the sand and dirt as fill.)

BobF · October 3, 2022 at 7:19 pm

1. I you buy and live on a barrier island you damned well need to understand WHY it’s called a barrier island.

2. I love the way DeSantis deals with the empty heads. He doesn’t jump up and down, rather he simply lays out the facts, more often than not in a fashion many times more logical that the empty head is capable of doing. DeSantis and Jack Webb would have made a great team.

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