Windows 10 may be free, but the program is uninstalling software from Microsoft competitors, without owner permission. Bug, or way for MS to eliminate competition? You decide.

The problems with Windows 8 and 10 are a few of the reasons why I switched to Linux.

The comments to the article are stunning:

it uninstalled Android Studio from my pc —

this f**king s**t removed my antivirus! MY ANTIVIRUS!!! They do it just to force users to use their s**t called Defender…

Win10 not only deleted Speccy, but also Ccleaner. Both worked fine upon reinstallation. This freaks me out and I’m planning on dumping 10 and going back to 7 soon.I’ve also had a problem with Win10 when inserting another drive with a different OS. ++

My roommate bought a Toshiba 2 in 1 laptop at Best Buy a couple weeks ago loaded with 10. After getting all the updates installed for windows, he woke up the next morning to find that it had uninstalled his touch screen, bluetooth and wireless network adapter drivers. He paid microsoft the $25 required for their tech support and they basically told him that Toshiba’s drivers weren’t properly signed/certified and thats why they were being removed and then gave a crappy speech on how he agreed that MS could do this when he agreed to the eula when starting the the machine for the first time and how he needed to get with toshiba instead to fix the issue. He had to take the machine back for a refund.+++

It also appears as if MSFT is uninstalling older versions of their own software, so that they can force you to buy new software:

You do also have to be careful with Office, as the old version may be removed as it has been deemed technically incompatible with 10 for some reason

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