The Biden administration is removing the memorial statue in Arlington that was intended to mark the reconciliation between the Union and the Confederate states. The “reconciliation memorial” marks the center of the 3.5 acre Confederate section that is located on the west side of Arlington National Cemetery.

The burying of Confederate dead in Arlington was begun after the end of the Spanish American war by President McKinley as a way to attempt to heal the nation. The memorial was placed at the center of the Confederate section in 1910. Just wait until they begin digging up Confederate graves there.

This is yet another step in painting white males as the enemy. This is, I believe, a coordinated campaign to make white men into the enemy. This is the early stages of what will become an organized genocide. Replacement theory? Nope. This is elimination theory. We are going to be eliminated.


Joe Blow · December 18, 2023 at 6:58 am

It’s kinda funny, actually. I mean, I get it, don’t get me wrong, we’re fucked.
But look at it. The poster/graphic there, is meant to list a bunch of things white people should be, what? Ashamed of? Vilified for? I have absolutely ZERO problems with any of the things detailed on that image. In fact, we should print a bunch of them out and freely distribute them. This is what a good white person does. Whatever OTHER meanings are implied, that’s on you, bub.
We have 2 worlds. I noticed this a while ago, it’s on purpose and being accelerate. There’s the real world, and the fake/ghey one created by adherents to clownworld. They will literally just ignore reality, pretend whatever they want, and ‘poof’, it happens. Men will shave their heads, don wigs, pull on some stockings, makeup, and ‘poof’ a woman.
Now in the real world things don’t work that way, but that’s why there is the friction in our world you see. When clownworld runs into an undeniable fact (like gravity), they suspend all logic, come up with the most ridiculous assumptions (math is racist), and just berate and browbeat anyone who disagree’s with them. Their arguments contain no logic nor coherent train of though, no matter!
It doesn’t matter that objective reality doesn’t agree with them, they live in a world of their own construction. Nobody thinks that tranny is actually a woman, but they will argue with you un-ending (see the “It’s Ma’am!” video for clarification). But eventually normal people will realize they are wasting time and energy and just give up (not in). The crazy’s then assume this is victory, and hold their head up high, bragging to all the crazy people living in their echo chamber.

    Jonesy · December 19, 2023 at 1:13 pm

    That graphic used to be American values, all of them. Now they are racist because certain minorities can’t live up to those ideals. Equity demands that we get knocked down because others can’t be lifted up.

WDS · December 18, 2023 at 7:48 am

I wonder if they’ll disinter and relocate the remains of the 482 veterans and their spouses that are in the section that was designated for the confederacy in 1900? Idiots.

    Barefoot Peckerwood · December 18, 2023 at 5:18 pm

    That was my 1st thought.

Jerseygirl Angie · December 18, 2023 at 8:16 am

Wait until they find out that Arlington National Cemetery is located on the old homestead of Robert E. Lee !

C · December 18, 2023 at 8:27 am

IIRC they already started with the graves:

It’s safe to say if you are a descendant of anybody who lived under the CSA you’re now a target. People on the left and the right want you dead. After you’re gone, and there are no “Confederates” (guilt by ancestry) left to hunt down like the Nazis, anyone who is white will be the new targeted class. I do not have any ancestors who fight in the civil war. I’m a half breed bastard. Still I know and feel that this is wrong. In the next bit of unpleasantness all I can say is show them no mercy, because they will show none for you.

SiG · December 18, 2023 at 9:44 am

What’s that famous saying? “Despite being 13% of the population…” ? With the exception of not being sure it’s 13% or more, or even less, that’s a small minority. The surest way to guarantee failure is to start too early and provoke counterattacks. As always, the first to be attacked will be unaware anything big is going on, but once word starts getting around the counterattacks will start and that 13% may well get reduced to less than 1%.

Genocide is an ugly thing no matter which way it goes.

Tar · December 18, 2023 at 1:38 pm

I don’t deny what’s happening in the academic and media spaces on this subject… but I’m trying to “wargame out” how this would actually work out in a collapse scenario.

So the Clowns gin up anti-white rage and We Wuz Kangs mentality among the black population. SHTF happens, and one of the results (or the cause) is an economic collapse of the house-of-card currency system we all rely on. EBT cards stop working, supply deliveries break down… riots in the streets in major cities.

Urban/Suburban Whitey that can’t or won’t relocate to a more rural BOL likely gets caught with their pants down and is fucked, either all at once or repeatedly over time. Urban areas and surrounding ‘burbs get looted. Nobody there is producing food in sufficient quantities to feed the populace, as cities have an artificially high “carrying capacity” in terms of human population. And that’s saying nothing about water and sanitation.

Whitey that’s already entrenched in the rural areas or relocates to rural BOL’s hunkers down. Ain’t nobody shipping the cities food from the country, as it’s basically a death sentence for truckers unless they’ve got a military escort… and maybe even then if people are desperate enough / well armed enough to try for it anyway. The cities starve, rot, burn, and become centers for disease contraction without rule of law. What then?!?

Blue Helmets and opportunistic invaders (Chinese?) move in? My guess is they’ll expend significant amounts of personnel and materiel trying to control it, as they won’t be able to simply distribute food and supplies and get a pass. In the end, they fight it out with the surviving local urban population, if they can’t organize them to try raiding farms etc in the nearby surrounding rural areas. Or maybe roving gangs will try it if the Blue Helmets and foreign Dot Mils don’t want to try it (or try it and get their asses handed to them).

Logistically they’ll be limited to whatever ground vehicles they can scrounge up and fuel to send out to raid: methinks they don’t have a lot of pilots or drones to throw at rural Whitey, and if a foreign Dot Mil or the Blue Helmets try, they’ll find America is a lot bigger than they have warplanes and tanks to cover… and we won’t be shy about blowing rail lines, bridges, and other critical transportation infrastructure to slow them down.

Rural Whitey spends a significant amount of time each year running around their local AO’s woods hitting dinner-plate sized targets at 500 yards for fun and dinner. Without significant military training or MASSIVE numbers (which they won’t be able to transport), urban raiders will get wasted in the countryside by the bushel fucking basket, as Patton put it.

Some guy claiming to be a time traveler from thirty years in our future said “a safe place is where a hungry man cannot walk in three days.” – figure 60-90 miles overland in ideal weather and terrain; less in winter or extreme summer heat or uphill. I heavily doubt his time travel story but that statement checks. And those guys (or any foreign Dot Mil) would stand out like a sore thumb…

Given that “objective, rational, critical thinking” and “hard work is key to success / work before play” are strengths attributed to rural Whitey’s side, I don’t think urban raiders will have a whole lot of success. They may cause some casualties and damage, but overall, those guys are hosed. All rural Whitey will have to do is get self-sufficient, create internal trade / comms / defense networks and hunker down: it’ll be hard, and it will suck, but we will survive. Whatever doesn’t eat themselves will break… especially if they’re heading into the mountains.

Blue Helmets or Dot Mils that make it ashore here will do a little bit better… but they’ll figure out pretty quick that they can’t live in their tanks / jets all the time, and that America is a death trap that makes Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan look like a vacation in comparison.

I have an feeling that their “theory” will get somebody eliminated, but it won’t be us.

    Big Ruckus D · December 18, 2023 at 3:08 pm

    The above scenario has a lot of merit to it. To add my thoughts, The USMIL doesn’t have the manpower (and now evidently lacks much of the the hardware) needed to contain, much less put down a domestic insurgency, if they even cared to try.

    Urban and suburban are fucked, simply by dint of population density, and all the downsides of that. The failure points include transportation, food, energy, sanitation, and of course violence committed in pursuit of any of the above, or even just for the hell of it. These will be literal no go zones in a day flat, once it becomes obvious to the masses that the big show is over and they are SOL.

    As to invading forces, the only country I see with the juice to do it presently is China, and they have major problems that likely undermine their ability to mount an effective invasion. Their economy and demographics are already shaky, and their future is worse than ours here presently, owing to their long time one child policy, and cultural imperative to select for male offspring. A logistics chain from China to here is a bitch, as well. Not saying it couldn’t be done, but I’m not so sure they will be doing a “walk in and own the place”, as many seem to assume will be the case. Unless they want to nuke it all, and that ruins the ability to seize the real estate and exploit the resources.

    Russia isn’t big enough in terms of population to make a serious effort here, and why would they want to, if we are already in the midst of screwing ourselves in a civil war? I’m sure they’d send intelligence assets to further subvert and destabilize the shitshow, but somehow doubt they send troops here in mass and take the losses that would incur, unless the US did something to invite direct action on their part (which is certainly possible). Really, they would more wisely pursue hypersonic missile strikes, or drone actions as seen in “da ‘krain”.

    Who is the UN going to send in large numbers? A bunch of incompetent savage africans? And ultimately, anyone who doesn’t look like us – uniformed or not – is automatically suspect, especially way out where Whitey is still the overwhelming majority and “you ain’t from around here” is a thinly veiled threat to GTFO.

    Further, all the human debris invading presently will have a pretty sweet deal committing crimes on their own, until the victims and their supplies run out, so why would they join the USMIL? For that matter, why would they even want citizenship, if that is the carrot in the stick? These are largely stupid and impulsive third worlders who don’t do well at planning or taking orders, so their effectiveness as military troops is very much in question. If the .mil ends up screwed for supplies, there is zero incentive to join, or to remain loyal just to get fed and sheltered.

    Geographically, the US is a nightmare scenario given it’s sheer size, and how it was developed outside the urban and suburban areas. Things are very spread out, with highly variable geographic and climatic types. Opportunities for ambushes abound out in the sticks, at least in places that aren’t Kansas style flat and wide open. Even there, anything moving is subject to being spotted at great distance, and picked off from a concealed position.

    As already observed by Tar above, infrastructure is limited, and unguarded in rural areas. This makes it extremely vulnerable, and this can be used against hordes of bad guys, whether they be organized military units, or just roving bandits. Anyone or anything that looks like it doesn’t belong heading into the AO is likely to get smoked on sight once everyone knows it’s on like Donkey Kong.

    It’ll be a disaster of biblical proportions, and scores will die of both direct attacks and of the consequences of infrastructure collapse. But smart and skilled guys who have taken up in remote areas have a decent shot at making it through, and of directly inflicting damage on enemies both foreign and domestic in the process.

    The aftermath will be a tough existence, with constant hard work required just to survive. But again, this is the native domain of Whites, many of whom evolved to do hard work just to live in difficult settings. Most of our would be opponents have gotten to where they are on being opportunists and parasites, enabled by a centrally planned govt that steals from us and gives to them. This is culturally ingrained at a genetic level in a lot of third world people, and is not conducive to survival in an environment where they can’t rely on handouts, or safely steal other people’s shit directly, without much fear of retribution.

Anonymous · December 18, 2023 at 2:43 pm

I was so glad to see The Honorable Judge Rossie Alston Jr. issued an order to not removed that statue.

I am sad it is too late for the other statues that were removed.

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