Let’s say that the police want to search your home. Lacking probable cause that a crime has been committed, they cannot get a warrant to do so. Well, that isn’t going to slow them down. They simply pay a burglar to break into your home, take some photos of whatever it was they were hoping to find, and then turn you in. Ridiculous?

How about the cop who was fired for donating to the Kyle Rittenhouse defense fund after a hacker released a list of donors obtained from the server of the company that processed the donations? What about that the Space Force Commander who was removed from his post for opposing Marxism? The US government is now monitoring the social media of military members, and getting rid of those who have political opinions not in line with full on communism. Violation of all sorts of rights?

They have decided that coopting a private agency to violate your rights is not a violation per se, because the government isn’t the one actually doing it. How long until they skip all of the other steps and just have companies imprison or simply execute American citizens without trial and without evidence. As long as it isn’t an actual government employee depriving you of your rights, it’s Constitutional, right?

Even worse, what if it turns out that the company who does it is actually run by government agents operating under the “signature reduction” program?