There was a time when humans believed that the Earth was flat, and anyone who approached the “ends of the Earth” would fall off. Then science proved it was round.

At that point, it was believed that everything in the Universe revolved around the Earth. The Earth, it was believed, was the center of all creation and anyone who believed differently was put to death for heresy.

And so on. Evolving science is a misnomer. Science evolves, facts do not. You see, all science is, is man’s attempt to describe and understand the natural world by observing phenomenon. If the description fits the observed conditions, it becomes a confirmed theory. As soon as a theory is observed to NOT fit the conditions, it is either modified or discarded. That is what we mean by “evolving science.”

So when Doctor Fauci tells you that you no longer need to wear a mask if you have been vaccinated because “science has evolved” what he is really telling you is that the proposed explanation of the facts that he and his colleagues came up with was incorrect. In other words, science hasn’t evolved, science was WRONG.

  • When Fauci and the CDC said that only medical professionals should wear masks, he was wrong.
  • When Fauci and the CDC said that everyone should wear masks, he was wrong.
  • When Fauci and the CDC said that everyone should wear two masks, he was wrong.
  • and on and on…

My question becomes: “When has Doctor Fauci ever been right?”

You know that your career is nearly over when even the leftists at SNL are making fun of you:

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joe · May 16, 2021 at 3:34 pm

he wasn’t wrong, he lied…straight to our faces…about 95% of everything concerning covid they have put out has been lies to instill fear and push their agenda…has nothing to do with science…

Jonathan · May 17, 2021 at 4:43 am

I like that way of putting it – that facts don’t change, only our understanding of them.

Don’t forget that science is a process, not an endpoint – science is never settled and anyone who tells you it is is an idiot or has an agenda.

On this, specifically, COVID was entirely about attacking Trump and an excuse for dictatorial actions – claims of science are one of many tools that were (mis)used for that goal. Fauci is a bureaucrat with a medical degree – he hasn’t done science in decades, if ever…

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