So Colorado has spent $62 million to set up their health insurance exchange under Obamacare and are asking for another $125 million. These funds are to set up and advertise the exchange. Not one person has received care or even signed up for the plan, yet. There are 350,000 people in the state who are uninsured and not eligible for Medicaid. That works out to $531 per person, and the still haven’t paid for one procedure.

They claim that the exchange will pay for itself through a $1.80 fee that will be charged to people who obtain insurance through the site. Even if every one of Colorado’s 5.1 million residents obtain their insurance through this exchange, the $9.3 million raised is less than 1/20 of what it cost so far.

Colorado residents spent $30 billion on health care last year.That works out to about $5,900 per capita. The Obamacare plan spent 10% of that already, and not one single procedure has been performed. Not one.

How is this going to make anything more affordable?

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