There was a recent post about blacks being the victim of systemic racism. I posted the following, and as a result, my comment was deleted and I was banned from posting on the news site. I guess facts are racist:

The children of affluent people tend to be affluent. Why? Because people who are intelligent, skilled, and hard working tend to make more money. They then instill that in their children, who themselves value hard work and learning a skill, so they too become affluent.
Absentee and lazy parents never instill that in their children, so their children are trapped in the cycle of poverty. That is true, no matter what race or nationality.
The key to affluence is:
1 learn a skill. That doesn’t necessarily mean college. Welders, machinists, and pipe fitters do quite well.
2 Work hard at being the best you can be at whatever skill you decide to learn. That will pay off in the form of raises and promotions, or in a more successful business.
3 Don’t waste your money on useless things. Be smart. Most people don’t have an income problem, they have a spending problem.
I really believe that blacks struggle, not because of racism or a system of oppression, nor because any race is inherently inferior to another. The real thing hurting black Americans is the fact that black teenage girls are three times more likely to get pregnant than any other demographic. 64% of black children grow up in a father absent home, compared to 23% of all US children. When a child grows up in a single parent household, they are 7 times more likely to experience teen pregnancy themselves, twice as likely to drop out of high school, and 4 times as likely to be poor.
If we can only point fingers without even discussing the problem, then how can we begin to fix that problem?

Supposedly, I am a racist for saying teen pregnancy, absentee fathers, and a lack of education are in large part responsible for the economic woes of black Americans. I guess it’s easier to blame other people than it is to fix your own problems.

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FredLewers · June 28, 2020 at 4:10 am

Reality can be ignored. The consequences of ignoring reality cannot be ignored. Natural selection is a real thing.

TechieDude · June 29, 2020 at 2:39 pm

During and after school, I worked more than a few menial jobs with people low on the food chain. I can say, with some authority, that nearly all these people (of all colors) are their own worst enemies. They do incredibly stupid and self destructive shit.

Another type I've worked with are immigrants. Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Mexican, African, Indian, Pakistani. And they nearly all have told me some iteration of "This country is great! The harder you work the more money you make and nobody screws with you!"

When I get into discussions like these about race, I bring up two things; first, you have no idea how good you have it here compared to nearly everywhere else in the world. And second, these dudes come to this country, don't speak the language well, if at all, yet they all seem to do well for themselves. You (the black or the white trash) have been here all along. What's your issue? The issue is you.

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