This, 100 percent this: 

 When Congress meets on January 6th, these objections will be filed, the House and Senate will then each perform a two-hour debate, and then vote, not as per the Constitution but in accordance with an 1887 election law. Since the Democrats hold the majority in the House, they will win there. And since the Republican leadership in the Senate opposes any investigation into the election allegations, there will be just enough opposition from enough Republicans to give the Democratic Party minority the victory in the Senate as well.

No investigation will happen. Joe Biden’s questionable victory will be endorsed.

And the Republicans will once again claim that they fought as hard as they could, but couldn’t do it. Vote for us so that next time we can win for you!

This is why the Republicans are not really fighting. They don’t want to win, they just want to remain in the game. Please read the entire thing.  Closing it out:

If the Republican Party allows this fraud to stand now this will be their last performance of failure theater, their ultimate performance, an award-winning example of a party of true losers.

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